EOTD - Glitzy Pink

Long time no eye make-up looks, amiright?! I actually got super lazy make-up wise after uni and didn't even bother with eyeliner for...two months - what is that about?! Either way, that didn't stop me buying new pretties like the 120 palette, did it? No sir, no it did not!

For this I used -  TFSI, Detrivore white base, 120 hottest pink, 120 palest pink, 120 palest shimmery pink, 120 bright purple, 120 deepest purple, Darling Girl 'Obviously a Wig', Sleek matte black, Essence black liner, Essence glitter liner, Essence mascara.

No full face as I can't help but feel such looks need balancing with styled hair and I honestly could not be bothered tending to that mass of frizzy curls on top of my bonce. However, I wore it with a touch of bronzer, pink peachy blush, warm highlighter and bare lips.

What are your favourite pink/ purple eyeshadows? Have you tried Darling Girl yet?

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  1. How gorgeous is that look! It honestly looks AMAZING.
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Very pretty! I love pink. XD

  3. OH it is beautiful sweetpea. I wish I could work pink like you lovely.


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