Clearing Out the Stash! Hints and Tips

Long time no post, eh?! To get back into my blogging groove I figured I'd post about something most of you lovely lot probably need to do - clear out your make-up stash. Now - before you get the pitch forks out and poise your hairspray cans behind lighters shouting 'Burn the traitor!', hear me out...

You are hoarding junk.

And you know you are! Old make-up can be grubby, unhygienic and unsafe - hanging on to it isn't a brilliant idea. Anything perfectly useable that you never reach for could be used by somebody else, too! Plus, a clear out is a perfect excuse to buy some fresh new products or you could do it simply to declutter - perfect :) Tips are under the cut!

[ Stuff for the bin, stuff to pass on and more stuff for the bin ]

Click below for tips on clearing out your stash!

1) Anything that smells weird, seems to have separated, dried up, changed colour, changed texture, generally seem a bit...funky...bin it. You don't need it and it's not hygienic.

2) Anything a bit grim, bin it. Do you really need or want those products with smashed up pans and a dirty cases that never wipes clean? If it's something 'essential' like your only blush palette it's probably time to treat yourself to a new one!

3) Boxes. Don't pretend you don't have a box of...well, boxes. Why?! You know it makes no real sense, stick it all in the recycling bin!

[ Goopy glosses, ooold lipsticks, colours that don't work for me - bin! ]

1) So you own about 50 wild eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, glitter when you only wear neutrals. Might be time to pass them on to somebody who would use them! No need to completely vanquish  them, keep a few for whenever you might be feeling daring (but I mean a few.) 

2) Ten shades of the same colour when you only reach for the same two? Pass the rest on!

3) Products not suited to your skin type or tone which you keep anyway? Pass them on!

4) Got a bunch of dupes? Keep whichever product you use and pass the rest on!

[ Things to pass on - some face products and colours that just don't work for me! ] 

1) Consider whether you'll actually ever use the limited edition products you bought simply because they're limited edition or if they're just going to sit collecting dust. You can always sell them, too, if they're worth a bob or two.

2) Clean your storage! Might as well give your boxes, helmers, shelves, bags and such a wipe down while you're at it.

3) If there's anything you don't really use but can't quite get rid of, place it somewhere you'll see it often and think to use it more.

[ Some eye products I'm passing on - there's also a box of indie eyeshadows I never use ready to go! ]

Try these tips if you're a bit stuck or haven't been quite able to bring yourself to do a Spring clean and I'm sure you'll make at least a little dent in your make-up stash :) I ended up with an Illamasqua delivery box FULL and a  half full Jolie Box bag of things I could bin and a Carmine box of things that can find a new home - ace! Not only that but I now only have four drawers in my helmer full instead of six - amazing!

If you give these tips a shot or plan to, let me know! Do you have any more tips or ideas?

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  1. Welcome back. Love this post and I love a good clear out. It Not only does wonders for my make up cupboard and dressing table but makes my head clear too. x

  2. These are great tips. I make it a rule if I won't use it in a year, it's out! Some things you just hold on for whatever reason but generally if I can't see myself using it any time soon.. it really needs to get thrown out lol

  3. There are places you can donate unused/lightly used beauty and hygenie products to as well like Give and Makeup, who donate stuff to womens shelters. Also, related to cleaning, I line everything in my drawers with a layer of kitchen roll - really helps cleaning up all the excaped shimmer and any dust, etc as you just chuck and replace. I check all my lip and cream products about every six weeks or so and do a sniff test, and while I'm doing that I see if there is anything else I have that could probably go byebye.

  4. I want your castaways!! I think I drooled at the indie eyeshadows.
    But seriously, great and unique come back post!! Glad to have you back!

    L. Figment
    Good Morning Angel.

  5. Great points- but it's funny how emotionally connected we are. I found myself thinking I should do this. But it's hard to part with something you love, even if it's funkeh.

  6. @ MySparklyLife, thank you! It makes my head feel a bit clearer too :)

    @ Crissy, that's a good tip too - means things aren't just piling up!

    @ Robyn, very true - I always forget about things like Give and Makeup, I'll have to remember for the next clear out.

    @ Cin, thanks!

    @ Elle, haha my sister and mum have nabbed everything but the indie 'shadows! I think a family friend will claim them eventually :) Thanks!

    @ Baroque, so true, you can feel somewhat guilty or sad binning something but afterwards it's like a breath of fresh air seeing all the nicely cleared out drawers!

  7. *guilty as charged for the box full of boxes*


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