REVIEW - MUA 'Irreplaceable' Power Pout

Last year everyone hopped aboard the 'lip crayons' train, with Clinique taking the lead and everyone willingly following suit. Colour plus convenience and for the most part - comfort, it was a winning combination for many brands. Not totally convinced I'd be into the lip crayon thing, I opted to try out the most purse friendly version - MUA 'Power Pouts'.

Power Pouts are tinted lip balms, which deliver instant gloss and colour as well as instant relief from dry lips. The packaging looks and feels a bit naff, but for £3 who can moan? I quite like that the outer casing matches the colour inside, as it makes finding whichever shade you're after much easier in a crowded make-up bag.

'Irreplaceable' applied smoothly, gliding on without dragging on the lips or feeling waxy. These also have a minty fresh scent, which fades quickly.

The colour applies evenly, with enough pigmentation to actually be worth buying (aint tinted lip balms that show up clear a pain?)

On my lips, 'Irreplaceable' shows up as a medium, warm, soft pink - keep in mind that it will look different depending on your natural lip colour.

All in all a winner if you're after a lip crayon on a budget - sheer pigmentation, glossy, comfortable to wear and easily available. 

Priced at £3 each, available from Superdrug and online.

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  1. Drat, I knew I should've ordered a shade or two of these!!

  2. It's a lovely sheer pink, great for an everyday look! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. love this collection, good review xx

  4. This is really pretty on you!

  5. I'll have to give these a try when I next pop into superdrug, I bought a similar thing from Maybelline a while ago except it was triple the price!

  6. Such a pretty colour on you! I have Renzedvous, which is far from a 'nude'
    but it looks soooo lovely!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe

  7. It looks lovely! Really natural. :-)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  8. Ooh this looks nice and natural :)

  9. @ Kayla, it is a lot less Barbie than the packaging would have you think :)

    @ Cin, haha, one to put on the wish list!

    @ Charlotte, comfy enough for everyday too!

    @ Daniella, me too, thanks :)

    @ Robyn, thank you!

    @ Hannah, definitely worth trying! MUA are quite clever and tend to dupe pricer stuff really well.

    @ Iqra, thanks! Rendezvous sounds nice :)

    @ Daisy, thank you!

    @ Crissy, it's pretty natural for a pink on me :)

    @ Nunnu, worth a look!

  10. I've tried the Bourgois and the Soap and Glory lip crayons and loved them both. I'll definitely give this one a try as the price is great. Thanks for the recommendation. xxx

  11. I've just brought a few of the revlon ones and I love them so I'll have to try out these! Lovely post :)


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