OOTD - Pushing Up Daisies

I'm a little bit daisy obsessed at the moment, which is handy since daisy print seems to be everywhere recently. I've never been a floral girl - either in prints or scents, but I think this may be changing seeing as I also can't stop wearing Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' perfume...daisies everywhere!

Something I wore to take the boyfriend out on Monday - how very modern! We wined (cocktailed) and dined at 'Revolucion de Cuba' before heading off to 'Matt and Phred's' for the blue jam, which was ace. If you ever fancy a chilled out evening of music and a drink or two, definitely check out what's on at 'Matt and Phred's', it wont disappoint.

Cardigans and lace aren't very 'me' either, but for some reason I couldn't pass on this one when I saw it. It's probably the '50s/ rockabilly lover in me!

Naturally, with so many typically 'not me' things, I had to bring it back around with a spikey necklace, fishnets and creepers.

CARDIGAN - Primark
NECKLACE - Primark
TIGHTS - Primark
CREEPERS - Demonia

All in all a top night - though now I need to find a fellow rum lover I can drag to the 'Havana Club Bar' in the 'Revolucion de Cuba', those rums be callin' my name...

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  1. You have the nicest clothes :)
    India xx

  2. hahahahaa, my name is Daisy and its embarrassing to ever wear daisy print as everyone assumes I'm trying to be 'cool' lol!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Love this outfit, the cardigan is adorable. I love how you made it more you too.

    My latest outfit post was my New Years Eve outfit. xx

    (sorry if I've commented twice, my computer went mad!)

  4. i love how you've mixed the daisies in with your usual style, it's a fab outfit! x

  5. @ Charlotte, thank you!

    @ India, thanks, my clothes are mainly ancient/ slightly destroyed though haha

    @ Daisy, ahaha, oh dear! I get the same thing when I say my favourite flowers are lilies!

    @ Cin, thank you :)

    @ Kayla, thanks, Primark jewellery is surprisingly nice sometimes

    @ Leanne, thank you :) No worries, I think Blogger goes mad sometimes too!

    @ Head Over Heels, thanks :)

  6. I really love your cardigan, it's so pretty! You look lovely :) xxx

  7. It's always good to have items that you normally wouldn't wear! I love daisies so cute!! :D


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