Darling Girl Cosmetics 'Oh the Horror!' Swatches

I love seeing what indie companies have been cooking up when it comes to Halloween, being a complete horror whore (sounds much worse than I intended it to...) myself. Last year I couldn't resist ordering from Darling Girl Cosmetics Halloween collection, 'Oh the Horror!' seeing as it took inspiration from old school horrors - my favourite kind!

Lets see what I bought...

Brocade - This wasn't part of the collection, it came as a free sample, but it's so pretty  had to share it in this post! Gleaming golden rose which is more intensely metallic when foiled. Applied dry with a light hand, it would make quite a nice blush.

Heads Will Roll - Glowing medium grey-purple with violet iridescence. Brighter and more pigmented than my swatch (darn flash) and reminds me of MAC 'Violet' pigment. 

The Count - Vivid blurple with sparkles, lies somewhere between royal blue and a true purple. This would look ace paired with a brilliantly metallic gold or silver.

Attack of the 50ft Woman - Bright yellow with red iridescence , which makes it look quite orange toned. A pretty unique shade which looks awesome foiled.

Frankenstein - Soft grey-green toned brown with coppery shift and sparkles. This is utterly stunning both dry and foiled and would make a fab 'one colour wash'.

The Boogeyman - Soft golden toned taupe with slight coppery shift and sparkles. Such a pretty neutral which would look great with flicked out eyeliner.

Here's Johnny! - Red toned purple rammed full of sparkle! I'd say this was mostly glitz, and definitely one to be applied over glitter glue. It's simply stunning and would look incredible as part of a dark smokey eye. The darker swatch is 'Here's Johnny!' applied over black eyeliner.

King Kong - Black base with lots of turquoise sparkle and glitz. This seems more green-grey toned that blue to me, not a shade I'd usually choose, but the sparkle makes it a bit more 'me'.

The Monster Within - Very similar to 'King Kong', but much bluer and sparklier. The strong teal shift really compliments the deep purple hue this takes at certain angles - my favourite of the bunch!

Each shade is well pigmented and buttery smooth, although I would say that 'Here's Johnny' works more as a glitter than an eyeshadow. Also keep in mind that 'Brocade' and 'The Count' are definitely eyeshadows you have to pat rather than swipe on - else you end up with a smear of the base colour with no sparkle and an uneven finish.

I used the 'international baggies' option as this saves a TONNE on shipping, and decanted the eyeshadows into 3g jars purchased from an eBay seller. This is pretty easy to do and well worth it for saving on shipping - jars are cheap after all!

All eyeshadows swatched over glitter glue.

Full size Darling Girl Cosmetics eyeshadows are priced at $5.90, petit eyeshadows (what I buy) are priced at $2.50 each. 

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  1. They didn't look very pigmented in the pots so I'm surprised how strong they are, they're great! I'm not really into shimmery eye shadows but I looove Brocade!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  2. I have Here's Johnny, and it's one of my favorite eyeshadows! Lovely swatches!

  3. Thanks for the lovely swatches! ♥

  4. Such gorgeous colours and pigmentation!
    I love a good shimmery eyeshadow.


  5. Oh! Brilliant idea about decanting the baggies into pots! May do this!

    L. Figment

  6. These are amazing! I love glitters and the price is fantastic. xxx

  7. The only one I got from this collection was Attack of the 50ft Woman but I wish I'd got more now!

  8. Nice swatches ! Can't wait to see some looks ;)

  9. These are all stunning, but Brocade and The Monster Within are amazing! xxx

  10. So in love with The Count, Attack of the 50ft Woman and Here's Johnny!!

  11. wow! they are so pretty. fairytale!

    Danielle | Design Heaven Blog


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