REVIEW - Bleach London Hair Dye 'Out of the Blue'

Everyone who's into hair knows 'Bleach London' - AKA the salon that create basically every trend to do with fun hair colours, and has done since it's launch. I have watched them with curiosity and intrigue, knowing the next natural progression for them would be releasing their own dyes, and that is exactly what they did...

'Super Cool Colours' are dyes much like those us colourful folk are used to - Directions, SFX etc, although they have a texture more like that of Fudge dyes. The guide for how long the colour lasts is 2 - 10 washes, the pastel shades such as 'Rose' wont last as long as the deeper shades such as 'Out of the Blue'. It's also worth noting that how porous your hair is will effect the longevity of the dye.

Application is super easy - slap it on to clean, towel dried hair, wait 15 minutes and wash it out. I usually leave such dyes on for about an hour, to ensure it's really in there. 'Out of the Blue' is a gorgeous, rich, inky blue with a touch of purple and I love it against my naturally dark hair.

While dyes such as Directions usually give me a solid colour result over faded dye, 'Out of the Blue' did not - it took on a tint of the colour beneath. While this was not an issue for me seeing as the colours below were faded blue and greens, it could be an issue if there was a colour in a different colour family beneath. Keep that in mind to avoid any colour disasters! I feel that these dyes would work best over freshly bleached hair.

Above you can see just how many different tones of blue, purple and green are in my hair even with 'Out of the Blue' over everything - I've used this dye the last four times I've coloured my hair. Luckily, I prefer multi-tonal colour jobs, but I know this would annoy quite a few dye hards.

All in all, a decent effort from Bleach London, if you fancy a fun change the 'Super Cool Colours' range has your back. Have a look for reviews of the colour you like first, as so far they have been quite mixed - however, 'Out of the Blue' has the thumbs up from me!

Available from Boots priced at £5 for 150ml of product.

Item received for review consideration. All opinions 100% honest and 100% my own - as always.
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  1. Ohh, it's so pretty! And the container got me intrigued.

  2. Ooh so pretty! Multi tonal color jobs are the best!!

  3. Oh I'm really pleased to see that at least one colour works on dark hair! So far all the reviews I've seen have said these are best for blond hair and that they probably wouldn't show up well on dark hair. My hair is dark brown/virtually black and I really want to try something like this because I'd love to dye my hair a crazy colour but can't because of work x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  4. @ Tamara, I quite like the little bottle - makes a nice change to tubs!

    @ Chrissy, agreed! Got to have a bit of variation in there :)

    @ Kayla, thank you!

    @ Cin, thank you, lovely!

    @ Barbara, thank you!

    @ Becky, I say these would work best on bleached hair, as you can only dye hair darker shades technically (e.g blonde dye on dark brown hair would do nothing etc.) You will always need to bleach your hair if you have dark hair to use dyes like this.

  5. Oooh yay you've gone blue! It looks lovely on you, Lily!

    I've tried Washed Up Mermaid and was disappointed with it, it didn't take well to my hair, added a hint of colour. I use it to top up colour during the week now and in the weekends I'll use the Directions or Manic Panic to inject some serious colour into my hair.


  6. Amazing!! And since you're a hair dye junkie, do you know any great reds? I've literary tried everything form the drugstore & it's safe to say they all suck.
    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

  7. @ Halima, thank you! I think I've been been blue since September - love it but I'm bored of it now :S Trying to get rid but these dyes seem to stain hair like a mo fo.

    Shamed 'Washed up Mermaid' was crappy :/ Seems like a nice shade. All about Directions/ Manic Panic <3

    @ Nusa, thank you! If you want bright reds that last I'd go for SFX - 'Nuclear Red' is AMAZING, seriously neon bright and it lasts foreveeer. Otherwise, Directions and Manic Panic both do great shades which last well :)

    @ Hola Bambi, Thank you!

  8. I really like this on you. I've been wanting to try one of the red tones on my brown hair but not sure it will show up. Will definitely give it a try though.

  9. What colour were your streaks before you applied OOTB? I have just used the dip dye kit from my ears down and want to use this - the hair hasnt gone white but is very light blonde, like straw blonde - terrified it will go green!!!!

  10. @Catherine Beck, if you have pale brown hair it should work pretty well. Anything darker will result in a red tint.

    @Adie, my streaks were washed out green/ blue. Straw blonde will be fine to put this dye over :)


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