OOTD - Out Come the Wolves

Here's one from Summer! I can't remember for the life of me what I was doing that day, by the looks of it probably going to town for a wander around and a nosy into some shops and maybe a sneaky milkshake (yeah, I'm hardcore like that, AND WHAT?!) I do, however, remember noting that PVC type pants and a polyester jacket are most certainly not great for hot weather!

Jacket - Factory Outlet store
Top - Boohoo
Necklace - Gift
Trousers/ leggings/ whatever they are - H&M 
Shoes - Ebay

I freakin' love this jacket, which I bought for the agreeable sum of £8 at that weird shop opposite the 192 bus stand in Manchester Piccadilly. It's like a bizarre jumble sale in there, it's quite fun picking through things and not knowing what you'll find! The leggings...well, I'm not sold on them. I want to like them, I do, but I'm 50/50 at best. 

Do you like oversized jackets too? What about shiny leggings? 

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  1. Love the jacket, what a bargain! And I'm all about shiny leggings personally - agree with the heat though. I wore a PVC high waisted skater skirt yesterday which I thought would be fine as it's bloody freezing but I was way too hot!

  2. I really like these trousers but I don't know if I'm edgy enough to carry them off!

  3. If I had a figure like yours, I'd sooo rock the PVC leggings... on a cool day.... with talcum powder!

    Plus points for the Rancid inspired title :)


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