Empties and Mini Reviews

It seems that I'm becoming somewhat of a pro when it comes to finishing things before buying more - which is definitely a good thing, my drawers and boxes are fit to burst with products! Once again, I have some more empties/ mini reviews to share with you...

A good old mix of everyday products, now only destined for the recycling bin...

Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' Body Wash - I loved the zesty, sweet coconut and lime scent, smooth, creamy texture and how ridiculously long one bottle lasts. A little goes a loooong way. Repurchase? At £6.50, it might seem pricey for a shower gel, but for 500ml and the quality of the product in general, it's well worth it.

Avené 'Eau Thermale' - This was recommended to me for soothing my scalp when it was dry and itchy, which it was rather useless for. I know this is a blogger favourite, but I just don't 'get' it. It's handy for cooling down and spritzing your skin before moisturising, but...a can of water - really?! Repurchase? Nope.

The Body Shop 'Strawberry Body Butter'* - The strawberry scent from The Body Shop is wonderfully nostalgic for me, it reminds me of afternoons ten years back (God, I feel old), sniffing things in store with my friends but never actually buying anything besides lip balms! The butter itself is velvety smooth and super moisturising. Repurchase? This was a 'thanks' for attending an event, however, I can see myself buying a pot in future.

Organix 'Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner' - Ah, marketing. Combine the words 'Moroccan' and 'Argan' and you're sure to sell your product! I found this to be pretty standard, nothing special, certainly not moisturising enough for dry, damaged hair. Repurchase? No.

Naked 'Renew Strengthening Shampoo' - If you've read my blog for a while, you'll know how much I enjoy Naked products. Their shampoos are what made me go SLS free when it comes to hair care! However, I didn't rate this shampoo at all - it actually made my hair feel brittle and dry. Possibly better suited to a different hair type. Repurchase? No.

Directions Hair Dye - I've gone blue lately, and it feels very 'me'. I tend to mix Directions dyes to get the kind of shades I want, I have a mix of 'Turquoise' and 'After Midnight Blue' at the moment. Repurchase? 'Directions' are my go to for fun hair dyes, so it's a definite yes.

Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Concealer - Do I need to say anything here?! Repurchase? As always.
Maybelline 'The Falsies - Volume Express' Mascara - Maybelline's 'The Falsies' range remains my favourite line of mascara, volume, length, super black colour, water proof -  what more could you want? Repurchase? Eventually, right now I'm working through an MUA mascara which I'm not really loving :/

Detrivore Vanilla 'Embalming Tube' - A lovely vanilla lip bakm, and the first I've ever used up completely! Buttery smooth, nice scent, moisturising. Repurchase? Maybe, eventually, but for now it's been replaced with a Burts Bees lip balm!
That's that for empties! I'm trying to work my way through the rest of my products before buying more, especially when it comes to 'every day' type things - I daren't count the amount of moisturisers and shower items I have! A lot are from beauty boxes, so aren't the brands, scents or kinds of products I'd usually go for...I wonder if I'll give in or stick it out and find new favourites...
Link me to your last empties post! have you tried any of the products I've mentioned here?
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  1. I love that Collection concealer..really great coverage! some lovely products! x

  2. I need to try The Body Shop's strawberry body butter, I love the same scent in the shower gel! :)


  3. I love the Collectionc concealers but 2 is too dark for me right now and 1 is too light! *stays indoors in dark cupboard* I love the big Soap and Glory shower gels as well and while they're not cheap there's more often than not a deal on!

  4. I too am a fan of the Naked shower gels! I know what you're saying about the MUA mascaras as well - i've never rated them that highly. Great selection of empties with honest reviews though!

    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  5. Love the empties! I personall love moroccan argan oil but I use a brand called pro naturals which is really good.


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