REVIEW - 'Sugar and Vice' Radiant Name Necklace

Before I even go in to this review, lets just take a second and marvel at this stunner -

You picked your jaw up off the floor? No 'OOH SHINY' induced heart attacks? Excellent! Deep breaths, lets continue.

For quite some time, I'd been after getting a blog name necklace. 'Beauty's Bad Habit' is a big part of me, as is blogging and the blogging community. I started this blog when I was in a bit of a dark place, I knew I had to focus my energy on something positive and so - 'Beauty's Bad Habit' was born!

I finally got around to ordering myself a 'Bad Habits' necklace this year! I hadn't been a huge fan of the plain, ordinary acrylic name necklaces on offer from most places and wanted something a bit special. Robyn suggested 'Sugar and Vice', who I contacted asking for a quote on a necklace in their 'radiant' material. A few emails later and it arrived in the post!

I paid £14 plus p&p (£3.25 flat rate in the UK) which I think is a bargain for a custom necklace in this stunning, iridescent material. I can't even word how beautiful it is in person - watching the colours shift from baby pink, hot pink, neon purple, lilac, soft green, gold, yellow, orange, turquoise,'s like a rainbow nebula.

The name measures about 2" in length and you can choose from either gold or silver plated 16" long chain. Every aspect of this necklace feel sturdy, though of course you have to be careful not to snap/ scratch/ melt acrylic jewellery. 

If you fancy your own name necklace, prices start at a tenner for plain acrylic, £12 for mirror acyrlic, £14 for glitter acrylic and now S&V have added radiant material to your options - starting at £15.50. You can pick a 3 - 8 letter word, but if that's not enough just pop them an email and I'm sure they'll see what they can do :)

All together a really fantastic buying experience - I couldn't be happier with my necklace and I'd definitely go back for another in future! In fact, I'm already planning my next purchases, namely these amazing pieces...

How awesome?! 
Order your own name necklace or some other kickass piece of jewellery from Sugar and Vice - you wont be disappointed!
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  1. I adore Sugar and Vice and own several of their pieces. I actually got my own custom necklace made by them too - it's absolutely huge and covered in all different fruit pendants. They're fab! x x x

  2. This is so cute! I love how it catches the light and is lots of colours!

  3. That is bloody gorgeous! The maneki neko necklace is fab and shall be mine. x x


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