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'The Handmade Soap Company' is an Irish company born when founders, Donagh and Gemma were travelling around Australia (lucky folk) and came across a stand selling homemade soaps. Intrigued, they bought some and were amazed to find that it suited even Donagh's super sensitive skin. Donagh was so taken that he decided to travel all the way to the USA to learn all he could about soap making (talk about dedication!) and has been merrily making and selling soapy goods ever since. Pretty cool story, huh? 

I received few products from the 'Grapefruit and May Chang' range, which despite its girly packaging, smells fairly masculine. It has a definite Earthy base with a burst of citrus slicing through. If you're after something sweet, flowery and feminine...look elsewhere. If you're quite fond of Earthy, natural scents, you'll be a fan for sure.

The first product I set about using was the hand wash, which now has pride of place by the kitchen sink. It's a whole lot runnier than your usual hand washes but it's easy to control the flow with the pump bottle. It lathers well and does an excellent job of ridding your hands of kitchen stink like onions and leaky garbage bags!

Accompanying the hand wash is the matching hand lotion, which again is a tad runny (though I quite like that since it absorbs quickly.) It's a great day to day lotion, since it's not super thick and it doesn't leave an annoying clammy feeling on your skin. Perfect for locking moisture into your skin after the glamorous job of washing the pots.

'Grapefruit and Irish Moss' soap again, smells very Earthy - what else would you expect from moss?! I've found this to be a lot less drying than gel hand washes and bog standard soaps. The scent lingers on your skin, but not strongly enough to muddy perfumes or body sprays.

Although the packaging might make you assume this hand cream would smell like powdery roses, again, it smells Earthy yet zesty. Somehow, the smell actually reminds me of well aged whiskey - which for me is perfectly fine but I know a lot of others wouldn't appreciate that! The scent is pretty strong and will remain on your skin for at least an hour after use. Scent aside, this is my favourite product of the bunch! My hands feel super smooth and well nourished, I can't quite resist using it every time I'm in the bathroom.

Overall, I'm impressed. The packaging is simply stunning and branding has clearly been a well considered process in 'The Handmade Soap Company'. Every product is handmade in Ireland using natural ingredients and shunning away parabens, SLS and petrochemicals. This company has clear ethics, expertise and enthusiasm - what more could you wish for?

Hand Wash (300g) - €12.95
Hand Lotion (300g) - €14.95
Soap (100g) - €4.50
Hand Cream (50ml) - €11.95

Available from online and these stockists.

Products received for review consideration. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!

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  1. I spent a good five minutes just staring at the photos before i began to read anything, the packaging is just so pretty!x

  2. That is *gorgeous* packaging! Pretty for presents and I like the sound of the scents.

  3. The packaging is so pretty! Would love to try these!

  4. Love this post the packaging is so cute! x

  5. I love the looks of these products, and I think the earthy scents would make a nice change from the typical florals I would normally associate with soaps. xxx

  6. These look pretty cute! I've only used one of their products - the choco-mint lip balm. It felt nice on the lips but it was a little too hard in the pot and melted too quickly when you put it in your pocket. That's a common problem with lip balms in pots though. How did the rest of these products hold up after extended use?

  7. @ Goggle, indeed, especially lip balms in tins or pots. The hand wash is all gone now, sadly, but the hand lotion is still on the bathroom sink, as is the hand cream for anyone to dip into should they need to :) The soap is in the soap drawer (is it bad I need one of those?!) but none of the products have gone off as of yet.


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