Mooooore Empties!

It doesn't seem so long ago that I was writing my last empties post, but here we are again! Maybe it's a bit of a cheat, since a couple of things I actually used up aaages ago but hey - an empty is an empty!

This time around it's all body and hair care, no make-up in sight! All links are to my own reviews of the product.

The Body Shop 'Body Butter Duo' - Mother Bad Habit picked this up for me when it was on sale for a fiver, and I think she grabbed a bargain! I finished this pretty quickly since I loved it so much. One side was thick, rich butter for drier skin, the other a lighter formula for normal skin - genius. Repurchase? I think it's discontinued, but I'd snap it up if I saw it!

Anatomicals 'Orange Flower and Amber Body Butter' * - What is it with brands discontinuing body butters I become enamoured with?! The scent of this is utterly heavenly and stays on your skin like a perfume. Repurchase? I sourced another pot for twice the RRP and bought it anyway. That's how epic it is.

REN 'Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash' * - There was nothing better than getting in from a long shift at 6am and soaking up the rose scented suds of this gem from REN. However, some water got into the outer tube and now the bottom of the bottle is mouldy - ew! Bit of a design flaw, there! Repurchase? This stuff aint cheap, but it I was feeling pretty flush it could definitely be a spontaneous buy.

Holland and Barrett 'Pure Vitamin C Powder' - I had a bad experience with some dye and wanted it out FAST, so I bought this to use for vitamin C masks. I probably got about 7 masks out of it, which was enough to lift the weird plum-pink shade enough to dye it another shade. Repurchase? I'm already tempted to!

Organix 'Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo' - This did a brilliant job of smoothing my wild hair, I've used it on and off for a while since it's non-soluble silicone heavy. Repurchase? Maybe, but not for an everyday shampoo.

Naked Rescue 'Intensive Care Conditioner' - My staple conditioner, it smells lovely and does a decent job of adding moisture where it's needed. Repurchase? In future I definitely will, right now I have a massive bottle of Tresemmé 'Platinum Stength' conditioner to make my way though.

Milkshake 'Active Milk Mask' * - This mask smells absolutely delicious - like those gummy milk bottle sweets in pick 'n' mix. Not only that, but it does the trick of restoring frizzy, dry hair to smooth, soft locks. Full review to come...eventually! Repurchase? While I liked this, it wasn't 'the one' - the search continues for the perfect hair mask.

I think the lack of make-up empties goes to show how rarely I've actually been wearing it these days - mostly just when I'm off to work. My everyday make-up, however, when I do apply it has certainly taken a nocturnal twist...perhaps I'm just too used to only applying it in the evening!

Got a recent empties post? Leave a link! Do we share any? Anything here you like the look of?

* indicates press sample - this in no way effects my opinion, you know I'm all for honesty!

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