#inspiremyday - Green Fingered

As part of the Alpro #inspiremyday campaign, I received my very own garden. Well, a garden of sorts anyway! A little wooden crate with my name stenciled across the front plus everything (bar compost) to fill it with lovely, fresh herbs.

I set my herb garden up this morning, which was super quick and easy! All you do is pop the liner in, poke some holes in for drainage, fill about 1/3 the way up with rubble or polystyrene (I used a plant tray), get your hands dirty topping it up with compost...

... sprinkle on the seeds, cover with compost, water and trim the liner down. Done!

The herbs in the set were basil, sweet basil and corriander - ideal for pasta sauces, soups and salads, they'll certainly get used! The plants should start busting out of their seeds in a couple of weeks, hopefully my mum's gardening skills have rubbed off on me and I wont kill the poor things off.

 Speaking of my mum's gardening skills, here's her vegetable patch (AKA 'that jungle by the swing.) It's gone wild this year thanks to all the sunny weather! The white cabbage butterflies are absolutely loving it.

For the life of me I can't remember what this bright puffball is called - they'd look amazing in a big bouquet!

We have a ridiculous amount of gigantic cabbage this year and no clue what to do with them! Cabbage soup sounds a bit medieval, doesn't it?

Runner bean flowers, a whole lot nicer than runner beans themselves!

It's really rather handy having a vegetable patch when you're a vegetarian - so long as you get there before the slugs do! Right now we're waiting on some squash, courgettes and carrots to plump up, some tomatoes to grow and now my herb box, too.

If you fancy your own little harden to keep you occupied one afternoon, check out plantabox - where you can pick from different sizes, colours and plants. I think kids would absolutely love these and they'd make lovely gifts.

Are you green fingered? Do you grow anything you eat? Have you been busy in the garden while the sun's been out?
Box and seeds provided by Alpro as part of the #inspiremyday campaign. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!
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  1. this is such a cute idea! We grow our own lettuce, tomatoes, basil and strawberries, so delicious!


  2. What a lovely idea, I love trying to be green fingered, but haven't branched out to trying to grow herbs or veg yet! Must get round to it!

    Lovely pics.

    Sheona xx


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