Recent Eye Make-up Looks

Recently, the only times I've really been wearing make-up is to go to work - laziness and heat mean I'm more than happy to bob about bare faced! I have, however, managed to snap a few quick pictures of what I've been wearing before running off to the train station...

I USED - TFSI, Darling Girl 'Elvin Magic', Darling Girl 'Joust', Natural Collection 'Shell', FashionistA brow palette medium brown shade, Sleek dark purple, MUA eyeliner, mascara.

The easiest kind of look if you still want a bit of impact - shimmery neutrals and a brighter shade along the lower lashes. 'Joust' is such an amazing shade - greyish brown which seems to transform to plum-pink, green and complex shades of taupe, just stunning!

I USED - TFSI, Chinovi 'Princess', Darling Girl 'Joust', Darling Girl 'Strut', Sleek matte black, MUA eyeliner, mascara.

Here's 'Joust' again! See how this time it looks to have blue-green shimmer instead of plum-pink? The lid shade didn't photograph too well - but 'Princess' is actually more a bubblegum pink with golden shimmer.

I USED - TFSI, MAC 'Pink Bronze', Fyrinnae 'Picture it, Sicily', Sleek matte black, Heavenly Naturals 'Hummingbird', MUA black eyeliner, Sleek matte peach, mascara.

This is what I wore for the 'FABB Bloggers Manchester' event on Saturday and I loved the duochrome-iness of it. 'Pink Bronze' is one of my all time favourite shades - is it bronze, pink, or orange? It's a mish mash of all three and truly striking.

What have you been wearing on your eyes lately? Loading on the eyeliner or simply popping on some sunnies?
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  1. Ooh, I loving the pinky shades on the lid with the taupe. So pretty!

  2. Really liking these looks. I now have to pick up Joust, such a stunning shade! I've just been sticking to mascara (sometimes with liner too) during the day as the sunglasses don't come off until the evening.


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