Latest Lot of Empties

Woohoo! Another load of empties, maybe it's a little sad that empties give me so much satisfaction but hey - that's just how we #bbloggers roll, right?! I've actually amassed quite a few (for me), though I'm sure it's a tiny amount compared to how much other bloggers seem to get through. Still, lets have a look, shall we?

This time, there's less skincare which seems odd because I've been using far more! Bizarre!

Tresemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray - A lightweight spray which does an excellent job of protecting hair from the heat of straighteners. It also leaves my frizzy hair fairly smooth and tamed. Repurchase? I've just bought my third!

Batiste Graffiti Dry Shampoo - I'm pretty laxy with my hair so dry shampoo is always useful. 'Graffiti' smelt the same as 'Original' to me, a bit boring. Repurchase? I've bought 'Tropical', my favourite scent of the bunch.

Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara - I'm SO GLAD I didn't buy into the hype around this as it's average at best. I get a better lengthening and volumising effect from Maybelline's 'The Falsies' range, which is around 1/3 the price. Repurchase? £19.50 for a mascara - you mental?!

NYC 'Big and Bold Curling Mascara'* - I preferred this to 'They're Real' and it costs £3.99, proof that you really don't need to spend big bucks on mascara. My only qualm was that it's not waterproof.

Collection Sheer Loose Powder - I didn't rate this that much, unlike its pressed sister from the same line it turns foundations orangey and doesn't do very well at keeping oil at bay. If you have normal/ dry skin it's probably fine - otherwise, give it a miss.

Maybelline 'Fit Me' Foundation - I bought this as an 'emergency' when I'd forgotten my make-up bag, without having seen any reviews/ swatches/ anything so it was a bit risky. However, it wasn't a bad choice at all and it served me well. Repurchase? Nah, the quest for a HG foundation continues!

17 Hide Away Concealer - Stupidly, I decided to try this over Collection's 'Lasting Perfection' since they look basically the same. However, this stuff is awful. It dries as soon as applied, making it impossible to blend and if you dare try it simply rubs off. I mixed it with foundation to make it usable, but I only got through half before buying ye olde faithful 'Lasting Perfection'! Repurchase? Burn them. Burn them all.

Asda Skin System 'Matt Finish Moisturiser' - I've talked about this a couple of times since it's just fantastic, and only cost £1! It's excellent at controlling oil and doesn't upset my skin at all. Repurchase? If I can get to an Asda - definitely!

Superdrug 'Lemon and Tea Tree' Shower Gel - Truth be told, I nabbed this from my parents bathroom (sorry, Mum) but I'm a bit of a fiend for zesty scents. It's nice, cheap and does the job. Repurchase? Sure thing.

Ooost, now I get to bin/ recycle it all and start hoarding the next set of empties! What have you used up lately? Have we been using any of the same products? Have you tried that 17 concealer?

* Product received for review purposes. All opinions 100% mine and 100% honest as always!

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  1. I have tried that maybelline fit me foundation. It was ok, but not gonna buy it anymore.

  2. I hated "They're Real". Not just not agreeing with the hype, but actual hate. It did nothing for my lashes and was SUCH a pain in the arse to get off.

  3. The NYC mascara looks really good! I had thesame with my fit me foundation, it was an emergency purchase because I had ran out of foundation.

  4. I was going to buy that FIT ME foundation but heard mixed reviews on it.

    The Benefit Mascara is awful, isn't it? I really don't get the hype!


  5. Benefit also has the Bad Gal lash mascara which is incredible; it is a bit expensive but less than They're Real and I really enjoy using it.
    I love empties posts and I can't wait to do my first! It seems to take me ages to use things up though haha.
    Lovely Notions

  6. I might try that NYC mascara I've been so impressed with everything I've tried from them so far!

  7. Thank God, someone who agrees about the benefit mascara. I hated it!

    All empties are good empties though ;) make you feel like you do get through things!

    Twenty Something Beauty //
    Twitter //

  8. Great post! Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

  9. I wasn't madly impressed by They're Real either. When it's new it's far too liquid and just made my eyelashes stick together, and then when it's a bit older it dries up and clumps!
    It's a shame you didn't rate the Collection sheer loose powder - I've always found that pretty good and not orangey.
    Sophie x
    Red Lips Sink Ships

  10. Started following your blog today. Love that your empties are mainly budget brands. As a mum of 3 I can't justify the amount of money some spend on high end products. Reading enjoyed reading this!

  11. How I wish we had Tresemme and Collection in Slovenia!!
    xx, moonchild


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