Alpro 'Inspire My Day' Campaign

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If you've ever found yourself stuck in a rut for something to do during Summer, or bored of the same old things, you'll definitely be wanting to keep an eye on the Alpro 'Inspire My Day' campaign! Its aim is to inspire people to try something new in the warmer months - whether that's something as simple as hanging some new pictures on the wall or leaping out of a plane (parachute attached, of course...)
I'm lucky enough to be an 'official Inspire My Day ambassador' (ambassador sounds swanky, right?) which means I'll be posting ten 'tips' which will hopefully leave you feeling inspired to do something interesting with your day! You can look for other people's tips and ideas through searching the #inspiremyday hashtag on Twitter.
What new and exciting things you've been up to or planning lately? New pet? Holiday? Day trips? Let me know!
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