The Lady Boys of Bangkok Manchester Gala

'The Lady Boys of Bangkok' - extravagant sequin drenched costumes, colourful plumes of show girl feathers attached to tiny waists, glistening lights and of course the beautiful lady boys themselves. These are the images that come to anyone's mind when the lady boys are mentioned - camp, glitzy fabulousness - so I was very excited indeed to be invited to the Manchester gala for the 'Glamorous Amorous', the lady boys most recent show.

I couldn't help but laugh at the location of the venue, in a purpose built pavilion in the car park of Old Trafford. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic inside, with statues, lanterns, framed pictures of lady boys, a bar, souvenir stand and a mini kitchen where you could order Thai food. It's just that football is so stereotypically 'blokey' and the lady boys show is the perfect opposite!

Terri spotted us on the way in and gave us our tickets before we headed to the bar (priorities) and took our seats in the show room, where we met a few other bloggers and settled down to enjoy the show.

This was possibly my favourite act, partly because I have a soft spot for Ne-yo (don't judge me!) and partly because the girls wore their show girl costumes. Lis and I were sat staring enviously at their super toned bodies - stunners!

You have no idea how funny I found that Psy superman cut out. By this point I was also munching through a tasty vegetable stir fry and had a malibu and coke in one hand - in my element.

This lady was the absolute star of the show! She did all of the funny songs and super diva songs, dragging men out of the audience and dancing around them while they looked utterly terrified - poor guys! She even wrestled one man to the floor!

This was Lis' favourite act, lady boy Nicki Minaj. Weirdly, she looked quite like Nicki - minus her trademark beach ball butt!

Here's the star of the show again, this time doing a Tina Turner act. She had all of Tina's little mannerisms down, fantastic.

[ Image by Terri ]

I had such a brilliant time and it made a welcome change to the usual nights out - cinema, pub, bars etc. I think 'Glamorous Amorous' would be perfectly suited to going out with a bunch of mates for a bit of a laugh and a few drinks, the start of a hen (or stag) night, to celebrate a birthday...well, just anything, really!

If you go along to one of the Manchester shows, it's only a ten minute bus journey into the city centre too, so even when the show's over by no means does that have to spell the end of your night.

Tickets are available for all upcoming shows through here.

Many thanks to Gandey Productions and The Lady Boys of Bangkok for a fantastic time as well as Terri for inviting us! 

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  1. oo we have this coming to town,looking forward to it xxx

  2. this looks like such an awesome night out! i will definitely be looking out for tickets for other shows.

    you got some great pics too,


  3. I wanted to go see this in Birghton but we'd spent all our money on cider. If it comes round again I'm there!


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