REVIEW: Sleek MakeUP 'Matte Me' and 'Gloss Me' Lip Colours

Whether you're a matte miss or a gloss girl, Sleek's new collection of lip colours has something just for you. Celebrating an array of shades from nude to neon, Sleek MakeUP is well and truly on the ball with these 'Matte Me' and 'Gloss Me' lip colours.

'Matte Me' shades are 'liquid lipsticks' - much like Sleek MakeUP's pout paints, but creamier, matter, longer lasting and with better packaging. I found that since these are so strongly pigmented, you have to be very careful applying directly from the tube to avoid wobbly lines and patchiness. They appear a bit glossy at first, but once they've dried down - super matte.

 [ Sleek 'Rioja Red' and 'Brink Pink' matte me lip colours ] 

When I say that 'Matte Me's are long lasting, I mean loooooong lasting. As an idea, I applied 'Rioja Red' as 4, stormed 20 minutes down the road in the boiling Sun eating a Magnum lolly, arrived home at 6, had a brew, then had to scrub if off with olive oil. My friends, that is one Hell of a long lasting lip colour.

The downside is that they're quite drying and prone to patchiness if you're not careful with your application.

'Gloss Me' glosses are super shiny and full of sparkle. They aren't sticky or gloopy and feel comfortable to wear. The shades I received are semi-sheer and look lovely over lipsticks to give a bit more dimension.

[ Sleek MakeUP 'Rosé' and 'Kiss and Tell' gloss me lip colours ]

'Gloss Me' glosses are fairly long lasting, but as with all glosses don't expect them to last through brews and butties.

'Kiss and Tell' - Blue toned red with baby pink and violet sparkle.
'Rosé' - Sugar pink with pale pink and silver sparkle.
'Rioja Red' - Blue toned, deep red.
'Brink Pink' - Neutral, eye seeringly neon pink.

Sleek MakeUP 'Matte Me' lip colours will be available in six shades and launch on August 28th in Superdrug stores, July 28th online. RRP £4.99.

Sleek MakeUP 'Gloss Me' lip colours will also be available in six colours, with an RRP of £4.99. Launch date July 31st - I'm assuming both online and in store.

Overall, great products very worthy of at least a little swatch session should you spot them in store. Are any of these shades taking your fancy?

Products received for review consideration. All opinions 100% mine and 100% honest - as always.

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  1. Ooh Kiss & Tell... So pretty! They all look lovely on you.

  2. The Matte Me product sounds very tempting - the red shade looks great. x

  3. I like all of them! want these!

  4. Seriously can't wait till Matte Me is released. Rioja Red is the one for me!



  5. They look amazing on you, can't wait to try them!

  6. Great review, can't wait to try these out especially the kiss & tell!

  7. Sleek are bringing out so much good new stuff I'm going to be forever poor. x

  8. Love all the shades x!


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