REVIEW: Ren 'Moroccan Rose Otto' Body Wash

Ren have been kicking up a bit of a quiet storm in the beauty world since their launch thirteen years ago. It's easy to see why when you know how they use only pure, simple, effective ingredients and leave out a huge list of 'nasties' and irritants - ideal for sensitive skin. I've been keeping an eye on Ren for quite some time but with so many lovely products I simply couldn't decide what to buy, so you can imagine my delight when 'Moroccan Rose Otto' body wash came through my door...
Moroccan Rose Otto oil is produced from hand picked roses grown up in the Atlas mountains - so luxurious is this beautifully scented oil that it is now one of the most expensive in the world. Ren combine this gorgeous oil with palmarosa and geranium oils to create the uplifting, relaxing fragrance ideal for winding down in the evenings. 

I found the scent to be sophisticated and mature, yet not over bearing. It is fairly strong in the shower but leaves behind a light rose scent on the skin which shouldn't muddy perfumes or body sprays. I loved following this with simple Palmers cocoa butter body lotion as it created a stunning 'roses and white chocolate' fragrance - amazing!

Not only is Ren's 'Moroccan Rose Otto' body wash lovely to smell and use, but it's free from ingredients that many people avoid, it's made in the UK, packaging is responsibly sourced and it's won the InStyle 'Best Body Wash' award for eleven years in a row! Impressive? I think so.

200ml will set you back £17, which I would usually call extortionate for a body wash, but considering the research, formula and ingredients which have gone into 'Moroccan Rose Otto' body wash I think Ren can just about get away with it.

If you fancy an indulgent treat, you can purchase this body wash from the Ren website. If you think 'Moroccan Rose Otto' sounds perfect for your mum/ aunt/ sister/ nan/ whoever, check out the gift sets!

* PR item received for review consideration. All opinions 100% mine and 100% honest as always!

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  1. These products sound so lovely but I'm allergic to roses, sigh x

  2. I'm obsessed with alll bath things! This one looks lovely :)

  3. From the sound of the review, I'd say this absolutely sounds worth the price. The ingredients actually sound amazing! xx

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