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The Body Shop has been a bit of a discovery for me over the last year, from a lifetime of not being too interested in them, now I find myself browsing the site quite regularly. It's also really easy to grab a bargain from them due to the frequency of their crazy 40% off sales and special offers for 'Love Your Body' card members - ideal when you feel like a bit of a treat.
At the start of the week I placed an order during their current 40% off sale, plus, since I'm a card member there was half price on body mists! Definitely didn't want to miss out on that one...

COCONUT SHOWER CREAM - I am such a sucker for coconut scents and fancied a soft, clean, sweet, relaxing scent to replace my REN 'Moroccan Rose Otto' shower gel once it runs out. I've never tried The Body Shop shower creams but I'm already thinking that clunky bottle might get a bit annoying!

TEA TREE PORE MINIMISER - One of the joys of having oily skin is enlarged pores. I've been after a new primer for a while and decided to give this a shot seeing as I adore the smell of tea tree and I'd seen it mentioned on a couple of blogs. I'll give it a proper review once I've used it a little more.

COCONUT BODY MIST - Hey, I did say I'm a sucker for coconut scents! I find this to be a sweet but true coconut fragrance which lasts really well. It reminds me of sun cream, sunshine and holidays - lovely.

MANGO BODY MIST - Truth be told, I can't stand mango or how the actual fruit smells, but thought I'd give this a shot due to the favourable reviews on The Body Shop's site. Luckily, it doesn't smell like true mango, somehow fruitier and fresher - there are definite mango tones but not enough to make me dislike it.

RAINFOREST MOISTURE HAIR MASK - This was a free sample, however, I already have the full size and I'm not a fan. It's awful for truly dry, curly hair - if anything it dried my hair out even more! However, if you have normal, fine hair it might work well.

Overall, this lot cost about £13 and had free shipping - nice one! The sale is still on, so get yourself some fantastic bargains (maybe stock up for some Christmas presents -  nothing wrong with planning in advance) and treat yourself :) 

Did you order anything during this sale? Do you plan to? What are your favourite Body Shop products?

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  1. Can't wait to read your review on the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser :) Raspberrykiss xo

  2. for me, the body shop is one of those stores I wander into and never really buy anything.. hmmm

    ATA|AllThingsAnita - please take a minute to give me some feedback on my blog! xx

  3. Just a tip for that shower gel, never try to pour it with the lid unscrewed - I stupidly tried it today with my 400ml Coconut that I've had for yonks, bad move! x

  4. I've never tried anything from the Body Shop before, but I've heard great things about their products. That mango body mist sounds lovely!

    ♥ Em from Mascara Warrior

  5. I have the mango body mist and love the smell, I need the pink grapefruit too now - there's something about fruit scents in the summer x

  6. @ Shannon, it will most likely be posted within the next couple of weeks :)

    @ Anita, I know what you mean, I usually feel a bit overwhelmed in store. So much easier online!

    @ Jenny, haha, oh dear! Thanks for the heads up!

    @ Em, definitely worth trying a things or two - especially with the sale on.

    @ Sylvie, I think I'm getting the pink grapefruit next too :) Can't knock something fruity in Summer!

  7. I have the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, I think it's quite good doesn't smell great though! xx

  8. @ Charley, so far I quite like it - mine just smells like straight up tea tree which I think is really refreshing :)

  9. I have a very oily t-zone (and in turn, large pores) and I love using the Tea Tree Pore Minimizer before I put on liquid foundation and the like. I find it makes a big difference to how it looks - less of an open pore for it to settle into!

  10. I didn't even know they had a sale! I do own a couple of their body butters but I've never tried anything else! x

  11. I'm not the only one that crazy about coconut! Love it, love that body mist :) and tea tree production is really good.

  12. I love the scent of coconut! The body butter is divine! Great post!


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