Yet ANOTHER Darling Girl Cosmetics Haul Plus Swatches

We all know there's nothing more I like to indulge in than a little Darling Girl, right? Well, it's true! And here's the last lot of epic eyeshadows which made their way into my swatch stained hands...

Now, I've actually had these since the start of October yet somehow never got around to taking pictures. As you can see, I was going through a little bit of a red phase back then...

DARK EMBER - A gloriously rich, decadent, deep shade of metallic red which buffs down to an orangey copper (you can see it peaking through just about). I bought this after seeing Pixiwoo wearing MAC 'Cranberry' and falling a little in love - 'Dark Ember' is a fair 'Cranberry' dupe, perhaps a touch less pink and way richer.
INFERNO ROOM - A luxurious, coppery, orange toned red which an unapologetic amount of gold sparkle. A sticky base is definitely in need for this beaut'.
RUBY SOHO - Destination uuuuuuunknown, ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby soho! Um. What I mean by that is - 'Ruby Soho' is a highly pink toned red with a crazy amount of violet sparkle, very unique.

SCARAB - Warm toned brown with a strong golden green duochrome. It reminds me an awful lot of MAC 'Old Gold', but obviously with a brown base as opposed to gold. If you're after something more exciting than taupe to wear at the office, or a more fun eyeliner shade than black, 'Scarab' might just be what you're after.

LONDON CALLING - A bit of a strange one, red copper on a base of dark blue. The copper and blue merge to give an overall impression of purple, but the colour shift is evident in different lights. Indie lovers will be quick to liken this to Fyrinnae 'Mephisto' - however, it's not as bold as 'Mephisto' and it's far easier to blend without making it patchy.
MILES FROM NOWHERE - A light silvery gold with baby pink sparkle, this would make a beautiful 'one colour wash'.
MISS ARGENTINA - I absolutely HAD TO have this as soon as I saw it - one of my favourite colour combos (pink and turquoise), inspired by my favourite character in one of my favourite films?! HELL YES. I even wore this when I dressed up as Miss Argentina herself :)

RECENTLY DECEASED - An unexpected favourite in this particular bunch, dirty brown toned plum with gold sparkle. This would make a killer smokey eye, a fantastic eyeliner shade and it's fab for darkening the crease.
ROOTS RADICAL - I wore this last November when I saw Rancid for the second time (supported by NOFX - those guys give an awesome show!) A happy, spring green with golden shimmer.

UNICORN - Magical by name, magical by nature, 'Unicorn' seems to shift from blue-white, to silver-white, to pink-white, to purple-white every time you look at it! If you like using a spangly, light shade around the inner eye, you'll love this. Unfortunately I couldn't capture it very well in the swatch pics :(
 MERMAID - Cosmetic grade glitter in a mix of aqua, emerald and silver. These glitters are super fine and look amazing patted over eyeshadows. I use Darling Girl glitter glue to hold glitter firmly in place.

Overall - more amazing colour from an amazing company who never fail to impress. If you're thinking about venturing into the world of indie cosmetics or you're bored of drugstore brands, I'd highly recommend Darling Girl as your first port of call :)

$2.50 for a 'petit' pot (what I order).
$5.90 for a full sized pot.
Sample packs available at $4 for 5 samples.

Are you a Darling Girl fan? Thinking of placing an order?
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  1. gorgeous swatches!!

  2. Oh gosh, my bursary is in serious danger when it finally gets into my bank!
    Great Post!
    :) xoxo

  3. Dark Ember and London Calling are two of my favourite pigments from DGC :)

  4. Miles from Nowhere and Unicorn are gorgeous!!! Can't believe I'd never heard of this brand before...

  5. Dark Ember and London Calling are just gorgeous xx

  6. Holy god these are gorgeous! I was instantly sold. I'm drooling over Inferno Room and I don't even like red eyeshadow. Miss Argentina is my favorite though... How pretty is that??

  7. Oh man, it feels like I haven't ordered indie eyeshadows in years! (In fact, I'm pretty sure I placed an order from Fyrinnae and maybe Aromaleigh too last year!) Drooool.

  8. I love Darling Girl and have placed far too many orders with Susan...but not for a while *evil laugh* x

  9. Oh god, I'd forgotten how much I love Darling Girl! I haven't ordered anything for ages because of all the illness and my lack of makeup wearing! You're such an enabler! <3 xx

  10. I see a few I have & love, and a few that I *MUST* add to my DG collection... hello, Ruby Soho and London Calling!!

  11. These are so pigmented and really stunning! London Calling, Scarab and Dark Ember are some serious favourites! xx

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  12. omg they are so pigmented! pretty!

  13. @ Cin, thank you!

    @ Dora, haha, may as well spend it on something fun!

    @ Charlotte, trust me, it's even nicer 'in real life' - I tried for ages to get a better photo but it's just so darn tricky!

    @ June, they are beautiful colours :)

    @ Clare, they're even prettier IRL - I had the hardest time taking their pictures! Definitely check them out if you can :)

    @ Coco, they really are stunning!

    @ Jennifer, haha, I love 'Inferno Room' but can't decide how to use it in a look! 'Miss Argentina' is even prettier IRL, it has loads of pink sparkle :)

    @ Julianne, Aromaleigh are still going?! I thought they'd shut up shop again...Give DGC a look in if you're after some new 'shadows, anyhoo :)

    @ Leah, haha, I sense that evil laugh means another order? I like your style :P

    @ Emily, ahaha, it's my mission in life to make people crave pretty things! *cackles*

    @ Mandy, haha, you'd suit a smokey eye with 'London Calling' SO MUCH. I think you'd really like 'Miles from Nowhere' too, if you don't already have it...It would really suit your skintone the sparkles would match your hair :)

    @ The Other Side of Cool, oooh, you've gone for all the richest shades - nice choices :D

    @ Caroline, ridiculously pigmented and a little goes a long way :)

  14. I automatically started singing Ruby Soho when I saw the name of that eyeshadow, before I spotted that you did too! And Roots Radical!
    Rancid are awesome and so are Susan's eyeshadows!

  15. Ruby Soho <3 I'm in love. Need this asap :) thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh my, these are all so gorgeous <3

    L. Figment
    Good Morning Angel.

  17. I am trying to find out how to place order for Darling Girl Cosmetics eye shadows. On the site there is not sign up option nor do I see any other option to place order. Can you share how you placed order. The site does say closed till 10.6.2013 could this be the reason why there is no login option.

  18. @tla19, agreed 100% on both of those!

    @ Picco, it is even more gorgeous in person, lots of lavender sparkle.

    @ L. Figment, they really are :)

    @ s2001, the shop is shut for a week right now. You can keep up to date with any shop closings on the DG facebook page. Usually you just add things to your cart and check out as with usual web stores :)


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