Three Random EOTDs

Sometimes I'll start playing around with make-up late at night, when the only lighting is the horrific yellow glow from my ceiling lamp and the flash of a camera. Needless to say - you never get very flattering full face pictures in those conditions! So, my friends, the eyes will have to do!
I  wore this to uni since I got bored of my usual black flick.

I USED - TFSI, Sleek dark brown, Little Mouse Ears 'How Much for the Ape?', Sugarpill 'Lumi', Sleek navy blue eyeliner, mascara.

With this I decided to try and use Fyrinnae 'Mephisto', since it irks me that you can't blend it. The coppery overlay buffs away, leaving behind patches of dark blue which doesn't exactly look pretty. I figured if I patted it on over a navy and blended the edges, any patchiness would be invisible - and it worked!

I USED - TFSI, Sleek navy blue, Fyrinnae 'Mephisto', mascara.
  Following that success, I thought I'd try my hand at green since I don't think it suits me, generally. 

I USED - TFSI, Sleek dark brown, Sleek dark green, Barry M gold glitter, Darling Girl 'Scarab', MUA liquid eyeliner, mascara.

I've brought a whole heap of eyeshadows back home with me for over Summer break, so hopefully there will be a few more FOTDs on the blog in the next few months!

Do you wear eye make-up daily? What's your favourite kind of look?
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  1. I love these looks, I think the green looks stunning on you!
    I am really far too lazy/wake up too late for uni to put makeup on every day however my usual go to style is a little neutral shadow some iridescent glitter in the corners and black eyeliner flick and lots of mascara!
    However from seeing your blog I'm starting to get a little more adventurous with colour haha
    Dora xoxo

  2. Such stunning looks! I'm never bold enough to wear green! the most green eyeshadow i own is khaki :3

    à la foliee

  3. Wow.. the second look is absolutely beautiful! Sooo pretty and gorgeous for a night out I reckon xx

    Gemma |

  4. Beutiful looks. Not much at all, still standing out :) Answering to your questions - I dont wear make up at all every single day eventhough I love it wayyy too much. But if I do (not counting nights out)I usually choose something like 60s make up. Eyeliner, visible crease, bold big eyes :)

  5. So beautiful! I'm really loving the first look! I love wearing eye makeup I go for colors like gold,brown,purple, and peaches :)


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