REVIEW - The Body Shop 'Indian Night Jasmine' Fragrance Mist

Ever on the look out for cheap but cheerful scents, I couldn't pass by on one of the Body Shop's fragrance mists during their last 40% off sale. Already super affordable at £7.50 for 100ml, the discount took it down to just £4.50 - bargain or what?!

Part of the 'Scents of the World' collection, 'Indian Night Jasmine' was apparently inspired by a moonlit night in a Munghal garden. The inspiration filters across to the label, which displays an Indian palace and jasmine flowers. Overall, the packaging is a bit 'meh' and wouldn't jump out at me in store, but heck, it's fit for purpose.

'Indian Night Jasmine' is a warm, comforting, almost powdery, slightly sweet floral scent. I find it smells like it rests on a base of amber, though apparently it's sandalwood - both warm scents so I guess it's an easy mistake to make. Light and feminine enough for daytime wear, but I've a feeling the same scent in a stronger form (eau de toilette, perhaps?) would be beautiful for balmy Summer evenings.

A few sprays lasts well on both clothing and skin. I've already sprayed quite a bit and barely made a dent in the product, so I figure it will be a while before I'll be needing to repurchase. I'll be snapping up the body lotion and eau de toilette in the next sale!

RRP £7.50 for 100ml, available both in store and online at The Body Shop.
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  1. I love Body Shop scents, I have a few of their body sprays already and I always have the vanilla one in my bag. I love that there is inspiration behind this one and it sounds lovely! xx

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  2. I have the eau de toilette of this and I love it! Smell lasts really well, much better than some more expensive perfumes I have. I definitely recommend the eau de toilette :)

    Tara xox

  3. @ TheOtherSideofCool, they're such simple scents but always unmistakeably 'the body shop' and a little nostalgic! I need to sniff the vanilla one myself...

    @ Tara, thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely have to bag one in their next sale :)

  4. uhh :)9 love :33


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