REVIEW: Aldi Carino Professional Miracle Oil

Hair oils have become such a staple in many people's haircare routine in the last couple of years, with their popularity absolutely booming. Naturally, every haircare company and their nan has released a hair oil to get a little of the action - even some brands you wouldn't associate with beauty are getting in on it...Enter, Aldi's 'Carino Professional Miracle Oil'.

 'Miracle Oil' promises to strengthen, smooth and seal shine into hair - improving your hair's condition with continued use. Not only that, but it's a bit of a multi-tasker - 'Miracle Oil' can be used as a leave in conditioner, finishing product or as an over night treatment.

I quite like the almost medical feel to the bottle paired with the bright labelling (inspired by a big player in the hair oil game, clearly!) The little plastic stopper means that you don't end up wasting product by sloshing out too much to use in one go - ideal.

Those of you with an eye for ingredients will notice two silicones right at the start of the list - don't panic. Yes, silicones smooth hair and give the impression of your hair's condition improving. Yes some silicones can cause build up - however, cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone when used in conjunction do not build up in the hair. Silicones aren't half as awful as you're made to believe once you look into them properly!

I've been using 'Miracle Oil' both as a leave in conditioner and a finishing product and to say I'm impressed would be an understatement. The oil leaves absolutely no residue, has a light fruity scent, smooths frizz well, improves the look of split ends, adds a healthy shine and makes my hair feel super soft. So fair, 'Miracle Oil' is my favourite oil to date - I'll be stocking up!

Priced at £3.99 for 50ml, it's definitely one to try - hurry though, this stuff sells out fast.

Product received for review consideration. Opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!

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  1. Damn London and its lack of Aldi :( This sounds really lovely. I'm almost at the end of my sample of Moroccan Oil too.

  2. Totes agree on the silicone front. They've actually made my birds nest of hair look a lot smoother, ha!

    Have you ever tried Coconut Oil? I've been using that stuff lately, my hair feels a lot stronger than it used to be!



  3. Your hair looks amazing! And I haven't heard about this product, but I'm impressed now. :) Thanks for posting. x

  4. Yes! Aldi don't test on animals either so I'm going to be right on this. *schedules trip to Aldi* x x

  5. Look at you all knowledgeable on silicones! Thats really interesting actually as all I ever read is SILICONES ARE BAD! But with no real reasons as to why! This has made your hair look so soft and shiny and WHAT a bargain! xx

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  6. I love this oil! SO much better than a lot of more expensive ones I've tried. I figure my hair deals much better with ones which are 'less pure' as plain oil ones just sit on my hair whereas this seems to soak in.

  7. Woah shiny! My sister shops in Aldi so will have to get her to scout me out a bottle!

  8. @ Emily, booo! That sucks, I'm going to see if my sister can find any at the Aldi near here so fling me a tweet if you want a bottle :)

    @ Halima, I can understand people wanting to avoid them - but a little aint gonna hurt! I've tried coconut oil a few times but it only seems to have an effect if left over night and I'm way too impatient generally haha

    @ Summer, thank you! Yep, it's well worth a try if you're after a hair oil.

    @ Leah, whey! Hope you like it as much as I do :)

    @ TheOtheSideOfCool, if you use silicones which build up for years it can cause your hair to end up limp and lifeless as it will get weighed down. They also make it more susceptible to heat damage. Buuuut that takes quite a while and it's all down to which silicones you're using :) Bargain indeed!

    @ Terri, it's awesome! Ditto, I've used pricier ones which don't have as much of an effect.

    @ Lois, definitely get her on the mission!

  9. this looks good for a cheaper brand, i think i might try it!

  10. Gosh, that definitely is good value! I love Aldi for decent quality bargains. xxx

  11. was just looking to see if anyone else had anything to say about this product. I always shop in Aldi. I have long thick hair and decided to try this as I do find my hair gets quite dry despite conditioning. It's lovely. The best thing is it doesn't make your hair look greasy which I've experienced with other hair products. I used it when I've washed my hair and it's damp. Definitely worth having a go.

  12. Why has nobody thought to mention Miracle Oil is as great for the skin,as well as hair? I use it EVERY day on my face, under makeup and at night , and bask in compliments. Everybody who guesses my age knocks at least 10 years - and 20 is not unheard of !



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