Lady Boys of Bangkok Make-up Challenge with Stargazer

Not too long ago, myself and a few other bloggers were chosen to be part of a make-up challenge to celebrate The Lady Boys of Bangkok 'Glamorous Amorous' show. Stargazer were kind enough to sponsor the challenge and provided everyone with some intriguing bits of make-up to include in our looks...

The lady boys of Bangkok always have very clean, elegant, beautiful make-up yet Stargazer scream 'FUN! BOLD! GLITZ! LOOK!' to me - so I tried to merge both styles. I kept my base pale and loaded on the black 'liner - deciding if I were in the show I'd definitely be the odd looking outcast! My act would be singing 80's goth songs in a diva-esque way - fabulous.

The eye make-up consisted of a base of Stargazer white foundation with matte white eyeshadow applied over the top, a rich metallic red blended through the edges, the black eyeshadow blended through were the red and white meet...

I then dabbed Stargazer gold glitter eyeliner all around where the red blended into my foundation and applied black gems with eyelash glue.

To finish the eyes, I lined the upper and lower lashline and applied two sets of lashes - natural ones on top and some gold glitter tipped Stargazer ones on the bottom. I love applying lashes to the bottom lid, it can completely transform a look.

For the lips, I fancied an ombre style. Starting by filling the lips with Stargazer 137 (deep metallic green) to darken the bold cherry red I applied over the top, I then blended a deep red from the edges, then applied Stargazer 134 (red bronze) lipstick in the center. I then dabbed some Stargazer gold glitter eyeliner over the top.

I finished the look with some Stargazer bronzer and the slightest touch of Stargazer blush in number 12 (bubblegum pink) and that was that! Lady Boys of Bangkok look complete!

To learn more about The lady Boys of Bangkok 'Glamorous Amorous' show or treat yourself to tickets, head here.

To have a peak at what Stargazer has to offer, head here.

What do you think to my look? Are you loving those glitter lashes as much as I am?!

* Some Stargazer product mentioned received as part of the challenge. As always, I would not post about products/ events/ companies unless I freely and happily choose to.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the theatrical style you went for and those lower lashes are incredible! <3

  2. Wow! Amazing look. That matte white eyeshadow is fab. x

  3. Awesome! I have some gems like that and I can't get enough of them! I really wanted to go and see the show in Brighton but couldn't afford it :(

  4. Absolutely beautiful :) Jude x @jadlgw

  5. This looks fantastic, Lily! The lashes are crazy! Never seen anything like it, ha!

    I've reently discovered that the store "Duty Free" in the Arndale do Stargazer make up. I hauled, BIG TIME.



  6. I could definitely see this as a stage look. Very cool. :-)

  7. Love this :) very clean work!

  8. Wow this make-up look is FANTASTIC! I wish i was this talented

  9. This looks absolutely amazing! So creative and very imaginative. I love it, well done! xx

  10. Those eyelashes are freaky awesome! x

  11. Looks seriously amazing. Loved the glitter around the eyes


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