New Eau De Toilettes from The Body Shop!

Perhaps not exactly new, since all eight fragrances are old Body Shop favourites but hey - who can sniff at simple, pleasant, affordable scents?

Pink Grapefruit - Zingy and fresh.
Moringa - A light floral, my sister and mother love this!
Satsuma - Sweet and fruity.
Shea - Nutty and creamy.
Vanilla - A sweet scent which reminds me a little of butter cream.
Coconut - A true Summer scent!
Strawberry - This scent brings me back to being a kid, true Body Shop classic.
Mango - Exotic and clean.

Although these are all super simple scents, I think that's part of their appeal. For those 'I can't be bothered with proper perfume - just gimme something fruity!' days they'd be ideal. They'd also be great for layering, room sprays or brightening up your dressing table - got to love a multi-tasker...

What's your favourite Body Shop scent?

£8.50 for 30ml of product. Available from Body Shop stores and online.
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  1. I love the Moringa line, so this is awesome :D

  2. These seem lovely, difficult to choose which one to try lol!

  3. Just spotted your blog. Lovely read!

    I have the pink grapefruit one and its just lovely! Body shop stuff is always great!

    I would love it if you could pop over and have a look and follow me GCF

    Love, Suz x

  4. @ Squeaky Q, the moringa line is possibly the only floral line of toiletries I like the smell of!

    @ Harri, all about the coconut one!

    @ Susan, thanks, pink grapefruit is such a nice scent :)

  5. I bought the Shea one the other day and I love it! It's a right creamy scent for my nostrils!!


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