FOTD - It's A Classic for a Reason...

After seeing 'Graphite' in the new Sleek MakeUP palette, I was itching to do a classic smokey look with a bit of shimmer. I usually only go for silvery smokey eyes when I'm wearing black, but I think they work better with grey...maybe because they're so similar? What do you think?

[ Oh, natural lighting, why did I ever leave you? ]

EYES - TFSI, Sleek 'Showstoppers' palette (Graphite, Noir, Ultra Mattes V.2, Bad Girl), Natural Collection 'Seashell', MUA liquid eyeliner, Collection pencil eyeliner, mascara.
FACE - Maybelline 'Fit Me' foundation, 17 liquid concealer (this is bobbins, don't buy it), MUFE 92 eyeshadow as powder, No. 7 highlighting powder, The Balm 'Frat Boy' blush.
LIPS - Mix of MAC 'Angel' and 'Creme d'Nude'
Perhaps a bit much for an evening in with the boyfriend, but hey, why not?! 
Now I'm off to catch up on whatever the blogosphere has been up to over night/ this morning, then trudging my way through writing some more on an essay which has taken me FOREVER. Usually I finish essays within about 2 - 3 days, just power through - I actually like writing them. This latest one, however...three weeks -_-

Silvery smokey eyes - better worn with black or grey? Are you counting down the days to Summer break, too?

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  1. I am still writing essays too! It will all be over on 13th May...cannot wait. x

  2. Essays are just pain and misery for me to be honest. However, I love the eye look! it seems a little less deep and dramatic paired with grey <3

  3. Love this look, although I could probably never do it myself haha! :)


  4. Wow! Love the grey eyeshadow! Is a duocrome eyeshadow?

  5. Love this makeup look, the grey shadow really looks great :)


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