REVIEW - Stargazer Eye Tattoos

Anyone remember when sweets sometimes came with tattoo transfers? And you'd make your mum put them on your arm so you'd look mega cool at school the next day? I loved those things! Since the days of Spider Man and dolphin transfers, however, I've grown up a bit (I'd still rock the Hell out of a Spider Man transfer, though!)...but fear not, for transfers have grown up a bit too...

The latest offering comes from Stargazer, who have just launched some transfers designed for the eye area. From simple flicks to the bolder flame design, there's something suited to everyone.

I chose to try out the 'Rose and Ribbons' design first, popping the transfers from the sheets, cutting off excess paper, peeling off the plastic backing and holding them in place against my skin. I then used wet tissue paper to gently dab over the designs and slid the backing paper off to reveal the design below.

It might sound a bit fiddly and long winded, but it's actually really easy and quick! The design comes away from the paper cleanly and smoothly, with no tears or dragging on the skin.

Since the transfers have to be applied to totally clean, make-up free skin, working foundation up to the edges of the design was probably the most annoying bit of the whole process - but even that wasn't terrible. I found that eyeshadow, powder and water based make-up sat well over the transfer.

These would be awesome for anyone into fun make-up, for if you're going out clubbing and feel a bit brave, photoshoots, festivals, concerts...Plus, these things stay in place - only something oil based will budge them!
 Are these the kind of things you'd buy, or just admire from a distance?

6 designs available from Stargazer priced at £4 a sheet.
Products received for review consideration. All opinions 100% my own and 100% honest, as always!
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  1. Oh, wow these look brilliant- i love the look of spikey ones :) x

  2. That is really cool and would be legit for a masquerade or something! Love!

  3. These look great. Always interested in them but not found a reason to wear them yet. M xx

  4. That is so cool!! I've never actually seen these on, I actually really like it!

  5. They look pretty cool! Would definitely consider using them for a photoshoot!


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