REVIEW - The Body Needs Lip Lusters

Back in the days when I frequented Livejournal make-up communities and Specktra was my make-up bible, I'd frequently make sneaky little purchases from The Body Needs for MAC samples. Soon after I discovered indie companies like Fyrinnae and my 'need' for MAC pigments died out...The Body Needs lay behind, forgotten...until recently...

I placed an order for a few lip products from The Body Needs own cosmetics range, since I'm always looking for an indie cosmetics line who can do lip colours well (it's a rarity, I find.) My order arrived from the USA within a couple of weeks, safely packaged along with an invoice and a free lip luster.
  CHICK FLICK - 'Chick Flick' is a blue toned rose which just lingers on the pink-plum border. With its semi-sheer colour payoff, glossy texture, and flattering colour, 'Chick Flick' is a perfect everyday shade.
CORALBERRY - 'Coralberry' is a bright, well pigmented yellow toned coral which looks raspberry in some lights. If you find bright corals hard to wear (like me) 'Coralberry' is what you've been looking for...
CAFE CON LECHE - I was a bit taken aback when I opened this as on the site it looks much peachier, but 'Cafe con Leche' is definitely more brown than anything else. If pale browns are your thing, go forth and buy, otherwise...nah. I'll be using this to mix with other nude shades.

Overall, I'm mega impressed with the formula of each of these! They're all very comfortable to wear, non-drying, non-sticky, lightly moisturising and scent free. They glide on easily and they're great for layering should you want to build up the colour. 

And the best thing? Probably the price - at $2.79 (£1.85!) each, there isn't really an excuse not to order a few - pop over to The Body Need and see which take your fancy.
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  1. I've never heard of this brand before but these look lush :) gorgeous colours xx

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  2. I'm actually really impressed by Cafe Con Leche. It looks like a perfect pale nude that isn't too pink.

  3. I've ordered from The Body Needs a couple of times and I must say I'm really a fan! Their Crush Pots (pressed pigments) and eye safe glitters are to die for! I haven't tried Lip Lusters yet but there will definitely be a few on my next order.

  4. So I really lvoed the coralberry shade, so I went on the site to order it, and also some paintpot samples, only to find out they send everywhere in the world except Mexico... so sad!

  5. These all look amazing! I actually really like the look of Cafe con Leche!

  6. @ Sarah, it's just as gorgeous in person, definitely a 'must buy' if you place an order :)

    @ The Other Side of Cool, check the out if you get a chance!

    @ Mandy, it would certainly work better on your paler complexion than mine. Just keep in mind it's a lot closer to the bullet shade than the swatch.

    @ SuperHotFemale (loving the name), I haven't tried the crush pots but I will do in future now you've said they're good! You wont regret picking up a few shades for sure.

    @ Robyn, 'Cafe Con Leche' would look nice on you I think - definitely more suited to paler girls. It's more like the bullet colour than the swatch pic, so keep that in mind if you place an order :)

  7. @ Lyd (oops, for some reason missed you out in replies!) Such a pain when there are shipping restrictions on things :/ It's usually down to customs or countries with notably awful postal systems. Maybe if enough people contact them about it they'll try sending a few parcels to Mexico and see how it goes.

  8. Ooooh... I'm a sucker for balm-y lip products xD

  9. Coral Berry may be my shade. Great finds and amazing price!


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