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Quick everyday make-up post before I fling my laptop and drawing tablet into my bag and head off to uni for a fun days lecture on magical CG shizzle.

 [ I assure you my hair actually looks GOD DAMN awful at the ends. Still need to brave the hairdressers! ]

EYES - TFSI, Little Mouse Ears 'Aphrodisiac', Chinivi 'Smoke Out', MUA waterproof liquid eyeliner (this stuff is epic), NYC big lash mascara, Natural Collection 'Shell'.

FACE - Maybelline 'Fit Me' foundation, 17 concealer (this is awful, don't even think about trying it - I ban you from doing so!), Collection loose powder, The Balm 'Frat Boy' blush.

LIPS - Detrivore lip balm, The Body Needs 'Chick Flick' lip lustre.

How awesome is this Disney villains make-up bag my sister bought for me?! I was never overly into Disney as a kid (apart from The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas - amazing) but the evil witches always looked so badass I thought they were way cooler than the soppy princesses they harassed.

And now I'm off! Enjoy your day - whatever you're doing!
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  1. I love the liner!! The bags so cute! i love disney x

  2. Ah the Disney villains makeup bag is amazing! I love Disney and the villains always look so incredible xx

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  3. I love that makeup bag, I got the Maleficent purse for Xmas cause she's my homegirl :D

  4. lovely! and your cosmetic bag is too cute!

  5. I love your eyeliner!

    That make up bag is actually AMAZING, what a great sister you have! :)


  6. I love that eyeliner, so amazing.
    I have to try it, I wing mine almost every day
    The shadow is very pretty to

  7. Love your eyeliner!!
    I also love the makeup bag - I was the exact same as a kid, the only good thing about Disney as far as I was concerned was the villains!!

    Jesss xo


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