Alpro #deskfest Challenge Day 2

Today I've indulged my sweet tooth a little with a combination of melon, red grapes, dried cranberries and Alpro vanilla pouring yoghurt. I did cheat a bit with a pot of pre-chopped melon from Sainsburys - but hey, fruit's fruit, right?!

 It might be worth mentioning that Alpro vanilla pouring yogurt is actually quite sweet, so if you're thinking it's one of those slightly sour affairs don't be put off!

 Tasty, fast and healthy - ideal breakfast.

Find more healthy breakfast idea by searching #deskfest on Twitter!

Alpro provided some of their own products to be in order to complete the #deskfest challenge.
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  1. Doesn't Alpro contain sugar? It looks delicious though:)

    X Deja
    Deja Zu

  2. @ Deja, yes it does, but it doesn't contain enough to hugely infringe on (sensible) calorie counting diets :)


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