Thoughts on The DIY Avocado Hair Mask

I don't much like avocados, but I think Lauren Conrad is a babe, so I was up for putting avocados in my hair on her suggestion. My advice to you? When a pretty girl tells you to mush strange looking fruit in your hair - don't do it, that girl is cr-a-zy. Well. There isn't much use in you reading the rest of this now, is there? Still, if you want to laugh at my stupidity, please do continue...
Now. The theory behind the DIY avacado hair mask is fairly straight forward. Avacado - full of moisturising oil and pretty high in protein for a fruit, yoghurt for more protein, and olive oil for yet more moisture. Sounds promising, right?

 I merrily mashed up all of the aforementioned ingredients, thinking 'Why the Hell am I doing this?' and answering myself with 'Curiosity.' - something which always gets the better of me. Also, honestly, because the idea of eating the avocado was so much less appealing. That crap is for guacamole only!
After washing my hair, I piled on the mask. Watching chunks of green gunk slap onto the shower floor, mushing goop between my fingers, feeling the cold watery liquid trickle down my scalp, all the time thinking 'ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP!' but alas, for it was too late. After waiting about 30 minutes, it was time to rinse it out and apply conditioner.

Have you ever washed sick out of your hair? No? Me either, but I think I now have a damn good understanding of how it feels and let me tell you - it aint pleasant. It took forever for al the chunks to fall out even longer to clean up the shower. And the result of this green monstrosity? Dry, knotty hair. Super!

Comments on Lauren Conrad's post says you hair feels dry at first and awesome after styling - I disagree. It feels awful before, during and after styling. Plus, it's easy to over do the olive oil so I was looking like some greasy '70s gangster for a few days. Luckily a regular wash with a PROPER hair treatment solved the dryness and restored my hair to its usual condition.

Have you tried this mask? Planning to? Does curiosity always get the better of you, too? Most importantly - do you like avocados?
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  1. If you wish to do diy hair mask, go with eggs and avocado oil. That actually works :) When the avocado is in pure liquid/oil form, it actually absorbs rather than just sticking on your hair.

  2. I love avocados! I tried an avocado and banana face mask and it left my skin feeling lovely. I won't be trying a hair mask though :)

  3. I've not tried this one, but I tried the egg mask a few years ago and ended up with scrambled egg in my locks, euck! x

  4. Avocados in my mouth: win! Avocados in my hair: nope! I once tried a banana hair mask and ended up finding chucks of banana two days after. So don't try this either! And I am actually betting on Lauren Conrad never having mashed avocados in her hair... ;)

  5. Haha this made me chuckle! Sounds horrible! Fair play for trying though :) xx

  6. Think I'll give it a miss! And yuk to avocados!

  7. Your hair obviously wasn't in need for protein, that's why it became so super dry afterwards. These kind of masks are awesome if you got a bleaching done a few days ago, at that time the need for a protein mask is the highest.

  8. I generally avoid putting anything with chunks in my hair. It's a mess and most likely get all sorts of tangles... plus nobody wants to have to fish dried chunks out. Takes so long! XD

    I just opt for a nice treatment with some protein in it. I've tried other foods before. Mayonnaise. The smell was off putting, ugh.

  9. @ Melly, I'm not a massive fan of olive oil in my hair and I think I'd probably forget to wash the egg out with cold water haha - definitely sounds better than avocados though!

    @ Sandra, I'd happily put it on my face (I think...) but hair - not again!

    @ Jenny, ahaha, that sounds horrific! I've been tempted to try the egg one before, but I know I'd forget about washing it out wish cold water and do the same!

    @ Martha, you've definitely got it the right way around there! Ew, that sounds nasty. I doubt she has either - I was in the shower thinking 'REALLY NOW, LAUREN?!'

    @ Lois, got to try everything once! Well, almost everything...

    @ Helly, smart choice!

    @ Rose, I bleached my hair last week and it's also full of highlights. Generally any damaged hair fairs well from protein. I think if I had just appled it to the ends, it may have worked better (but I doubt it.)

    @ Crissy, I only did this out of curiosity - trust me, I'd rather a proper hair treatment any day! I am curious about the mayo one, though, but I'm not all too sure.

  10. I like avocados: as guacamole, in salad...but not in my hair.

  11. I JUST finished reading a "DIY Beauty" article on Yahoo that mentioned this exact treatment (well, minus the yogurt but whatever) and I was curious, but they said to do it BEFORE washing and conditioning - Idk, seems kind of counterproductive to me haha. Regardless, your mashup looks freaking disgusting, my curiosity is appeased and this is definitely not anything I'll ever be trying.

    (Also, I just checked the link because I was really, really hoping for pictures of someone with this goop in their hair and I don't think Lauren wrote this particular piece. It's signed 'xxKristin' - just, you know, if it makes you feel any better that Lauren Conrad likely isnt using this monstrosity.)

  12. i mix the avocado with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and raw honey, and then blend it and it works a lot better, especially if you add a dollop of actual conditioner to the mix. No icky gooey vomity chunks! :o


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