REVIEW - New Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipsticks

It's no big secret that Sleek MakeUP are one of not only my, but countless other beauty bloggers favourite affordable beauty brands. Great products, excellent pigmentation across the whole range and simple yet chic packaging - all the right boxes are being ticked! One of the latest releases are 10 brand new shades of 'True Colour' lipstick and today I have four to show you...

 Each lipstick comes in its own little box - which lets face it will go into the recycling immediately - but I quite like that there's an extra step before idiotic girls can smush product all over the stands in Superdrug. Is that just my Superdrug? Surely not.

 The bullets themselves are housed inside rubbery black finish tubes, similar to Nars packaging. The name labels on the bottom match the lipstick shade, which is awesome when searching for specific shades in a fit to bursts lipstick drawer!

 The formulation doesn't seem to have changed across either 'Sheen' or 'Matte' finishes. 'Matte' finish lipsticks are drying (as with all matte lipsticks), so a slick of lip balm beforehand wont go amiss.

RUSSIAN ROULETTE - A deep red which lingers on the line between scarlett and wine, with a slight blue tone. This would be perfect on both snow white pale and rich, dark skinned ladies and gents.

SMOTHER - Although this looks vampy in the bullet, due to the sheen formula it applies more like a luxurious plum/ berry shade. For darker skin, this would be an incredible every day shade.

EXXXAGERATE - A loud, proud medium purple with fine silver glitter. The glitter doesn't translate to the lips clearly, nor does it feel gritty, so don't let it put you off! This would be a striking shade on any skin colour - love it!

TANGERINE SCREAM - I reckon this would be a decent dupe for MAC 'Morange' - a yellow toned, bright orange. I'm not a huge fan of orange lippies in general, but I do think 'Tangerine Scream' would make a nice Spring shade for pale folk.

[ Why yes, I do wear SPF. Why yes, it does flash back and give me ghost face. ]

Wear time was average, though obviously the matte formula lasts longer than the sheen. Pigmentation is exceptional, they're scent free, each shade would suit a range of skin colours and there's something for everyone - perfect, huh?

Available from Superdrug stores and Sleek MakeUP online priced at £4.99 each.

*  Products received for review consideration. All options 100% mine and 100% honest - as always! *
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  1. Ooo I love Smother, it's a beautiful colour. I used to have a couple of Sleeks however they melt/snap very easily so be careful!

  2. Great prize, great colours? WHY NOT. Lovely review. x

  3. I love all of them! Couldn't pull them off though. My superdrug is quite tidy.. and has no sleek stand.. but back in my hometown.. mess. Sleek stand? There's NOTHING that doesn't have shit smushed on everything :/

    Lizzums x

  4. I picked up Smother the other day and I love it! It did stain my lips but I didn't mind too much.. They didn't have Exxxaggerate in stock else I probably would have picked that up too. Have you tried their Pout Paints? I was tempted by 'Port' but didn't get it in the end xx

  5. Tangerine Scream is such a bold colour. Well, all four are. And you look amazing in each. ♥

  6. Looks lovely! Smother is gorgeous. I love wine colored lippies :D

  7. Yup, Sleek is my fave brand, but never tried their lipsticks, chame on me:)
    Smother reminds me of Rimmel lipstick by Kate 09. Exxxagarate looks so pretty, but crazy :D I want it :D
    Must try them.
    X Deja

  8. I love the look of Smother xx

  9. russion roulette looks awesome on you!

  10. It is deffo not just your superdrug. The purple shade is amazing but I don't know if I would have the balls to pull it off or not, maybe later in the summer.


  11. Love that purple!

  12. Tangerine Scream coming home with me verrry shortly :D

  13. lOVE the look of these!
    My local superdrug removed the Sleek stand (WTF?!)

    New follower :)


  14. Russian roulette is a gorgeous colour! I want to try some sleek products, but no where near me sells them :(

    A little bit Unique


  15. Again, another good review of Sleek makeup - just confirming that I should invest in some blushes and lippies for my kit, and might even invest in the brow set for myself! Thank you!


  16. Hey beautiful - this is my Superdrug too! It annoys me soooooooo much, stupid!!! I love Sleek too! Fab, affordable great products!

    Fab post doll.
    Lots of love ✿


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