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Being a healthy size 8, it might seem a bit odd to a few of you than I want to get fitter. Now, being 'fit' isn't about losing weight for me, like it is for so many others - it's about being stronger, healthier, confident in my body and proving to myself that I can actually do something right.
TRAINERS AND JOGGING PANTS - The sports and fitness areas of any shop are like an alien land to me. You would not believe how lost I looked buying these things! I settled on 'Hudson and Rose' pants from New Look, because the elasticated lower legs and waist would be super comfy and the pockets are pretty deep - ideal for keys and phone while running outside. The trainers are simple Puma get ups from TK Maxx, which are ridiculously supportive and great for both running and indoor exercises.

 YOGA BOOK - You would not believe how much of a stereotype I felt when buying this, I almost bought a vegetarian cook book at the same time to make myself laugh because that's just how I am. Anyway. I wanted some kind of gentle workout I could do as and when, so yoga it was. It's strange how something so slow and relaxing can make you burn and ache for days later. I'd love to go to an actual yoga class but time and money are short - maybe I'll manage it in the Easter holidays...

 YOGA MAT - I had been doing yoga on the floor, but you slide about so much it's just not worth the potential injuries. This Everlast mat was £9.99 from Argos, but you can easily find cheaper ones. Check out B&M, I spotted a £4.99 one in there the other day!

 PRO FITNESS EXERCISE BALL - I heard that if you swap your computer chair with an exercise ball it helps with back pain, they're pretty cheap so it was a theory I was willing to test! I haven't been using it long enough to tell, but it does help to improve your posture, plus bouncing along to music really improves my mood and I seem to get more work done (amazing!) My house mate bought herself one soon after and honestly, I've never seen her so happy as after playing on it for 30 minutes! At £6.99 from Argos, I'd recommend this bouncy blue ball of joy to everyone.

I also ordered myself a sports bra yesterday, which seemed a bit redundant since the only way my tatas are gonna jiggle is if a tornado picked me up and hurled me through the air. However, apparently even tiny tits benefit from them and exercising without can cause the ligaments in your boobs to stretch - hellooooo saggy spaniel ears. Next purchase are a skipping rope for cardio and some little weights as my arms seriously need some kind of strength.

First up I'm doing a whole load of cardio to burn off a *bit* of fat gained over Christmas before moving on to exercises more based around toning and strength.The Lean Machines are my go to guys for workouts and understanding how exercise effects the body - they're awesome!  I'm looking for more fitness folk to subscribe to, though - any suggestions?

Are you a fitness fanatic or a beginners like me? Any tips for staying motivated? Any epic cardio routines you can suggest?
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  1. I have recently started healthier eating and exercising more.I stay motivated by looking at health and fitness boards on pinterest or fitspiration tumblrs. For lots of different cardio workouts I would recommend googling Fitness Blender, they have loads of different workouts from 5 minutes up to over an hour!
    Good luck!


  2. I've been hard into fitness for the last year but stuck to body pump and spin classes for the last 3 months and I've seen major differences in a very short time along with improving my diet of course. Best advice to stay motivated? All I can recommend is making a habit out of it. Do it for a month, stick with it and it'll become a routine. I go to the gym for classes 5 days per week and I would seriously recommend downloading the Nike NTC app, your body will thank you for it. Also check out the ladies from, Blogilates and Zuzkalight they're all on YouTube and upload great health and fitness videos including routines. Scott Herman Fitness is another good one. Hope any of that helps and good luck with the fitness journey :)

  3. I actually snort laughed reading this! I'm rubbish with exercise. Possibly the most unfit person ever. Might get one of those ball things though as I have a wonky spine and will do anything to reduce my back pain. Good luck with the yoga! I used to love skipping so much, maybe I'll try to pick that up again. =) xx

  4. I'm vaguely into fitness, I go to the gym etc, but I eat way too much crap for it to be of health benefit >.> I do want to get into doing a morning and evening yoga routine on top of the workouts I'm already doing, but I think my boyfriend would take the piss xD I'd have to do it in the bathroom or something and just let him think I'm spending 15 minutes taking my makeup off and brushing my teeth xD

  5. I'm a beginner myself; sometime this month I'm enlisting in the US Navy and then I have three or six months to get buff enough to pass PT tests for training. I dug out some old Nikes and a yoga mat, and I just do push ups and sit ups besides running. Man, do I suck at it so far.

  6. Nice buys! I work in a sports store so although I don't actually sport much (I excercise/run/lift enough at work as it is) I can get pretty excited about sportswear. I have quite a lot of fitness stuff like a yoga ball and body bands, but I mostly use those for staying flexible and keeping my back in shape.

    If you want a fun way to keep fit, try a weighted hoola hoop and exercise to music :)

  7. I actually bought my first ever sports bra the other day along with some tracksuit bottom/sweats (whatever the hell they're called) in a bid to do more exercise. My uni bedroom isn't big enough though really so may opt to go to the gym :')

  8. @ Gillian, I love fitspo tumblrs! I'll definitely look up 'Fitness Blender', certainly in need of something new.

    @ E. Underland, spin classes look like so much fun! I'm jealous you can fit so much in! I definitely hear you on the making a habit thing, I actually already feel a bit lost if I don't do some kind of work out every day. Thanks for all the recommendations for fitness channels :)

    @ Leishasaurus, oh trust me, you can't be in much worse shape than I was! So weak I couldn't even do a push up ON MY KNEES haha. The balls are great fun and so is skipping :)

    @ Floamia, exercise is always of benefit even if you're eating a little too indulgently to see much difference :P I knew my boyfriend would take the piss (not only of the yoga but the idea of me exercising) but I just said, 'It makes me happy.' and that was that. Go for it!

    @ Aspeth, the fitness tests for the navy/ army look brutal from what I've seen of them so I think it's amazing you're going for it! Don't worry, everyone sucks at first haha.

    @ Pearl Squirrel, a weighted hoola hoop sounds like amazing fun - I'll definitely be looking into getting one!

    @ Jane, whey! Nice one! Aye, my bedroom isn't big enough and gyms scare me so I just push all the furniture in the living room out of the way. Good luck!


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