Boots - Out with the Old, In with the New (Look)

When I'm out and about, I don't simply walk - I mission. I get serious 'walk rage' (like car rage, minus the vehicle.) A crowd of people walking slower than snails on tranquillisers is my idea of Hell, so I need boots that are made for power walking.

Out with the old...
 Alas, for my old pair of H&M boots were well and truly past it after just four months. My heavy instep (why does that sound gross?) had worn the heels to daft angles, the soles were hole ridden and the shiny overcoat was peeling off. Yes, they were crap. No, I don't recommend H&M shoes.

In with the new...

Finally, after putting it off for ages I went searching for new boots and luckily found some decent looking ones in the first shop - New Look. They're a pretty standard, no frills design which is precisely what I like. At £30, they're not too pricey, plus student discount took them down by 10% - winner!

[ Obligatory macro flower shot. ]

The flowers are nothing to do with Valentines day, I bought them a few days ago just because. While we're on the subject - doing anything special today with your other half? Or sitting in munching pizza and suppin' cider with your friends?

On another note - aren't my drawers pretty kick ass? I painted them over Christmas, as well as a set of hot pink drawers which they sit on top of. They make me happy :)
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  1. I was going to buy these boots at Christmas as the New Look ones I've had for 3 years are falling apart, but never managed to! x

  2. I have a pair of boots from New Look (admittedly with small heels) that have lasted me forEVER. If you have a garden you should plant flowers in your old ones and put them outside ^^


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