The People's History Museum

I'll admit it - I freakin' love museums. It doesn't even matter what kind of museum - cars, army vehicles, clothes, natural history - I will happily spend a day wandering about, reading little facts I'll never remember. On Sunday, I finally got to go to the People's History Museum in Manchester along with Papa Bad Habit and my sister, Chloe.

Here are just a few pictures I took - which were damn hard to take! Mega low light and the flash ban (ew, flash) always makes museums difficult to take pictures in.

The main galleries span from around the late 1700s to the late 90s, including topics from the Peterloo massacre to football through the ages - so there's definitely something for everyone! My one qualm is that the layout is a bit jumbled, one minute you're reading about the start of trade unions, then it's on to the start of the labour party, then you're into WW2, then more labour party, then the feminist movement...?! I found it hard to pay much attention because nothing really flowed.

The highlight for me was the amount of beautiful banners on display, coloured in vivid oil paints, painstakingly embroidered, all calling for a change in thought, for action or attention. The temperance exhibition currently on display was also rather fascinating (Papa Bad Habit took the pledge, then had a pint five minutes later - oops!)

The People's History Museum is well worth a look in if you're ever stuck for something to do in Manchester, remember to make your way across to the Mark Addy for a butty and some of the nicest chips in town!
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  1. I love a good museum, shame about the layout though. "Life" type museums are my favourite, especially when they're near a chip place aha!xx

  2. I really love museums too - I always find them to be really peaceful. xxx

  3. I LOVE the People's History Museum! And excellent recommendation for the Mark Addy too. I can't eat chips, cause of a potato allergy, but I can vouch for the fact the rest of their food is the shit too :) xx

  4. Would love to visit this, sounds great


  5. I went there last time I was in Manchester, really enjoyed my visit. Also loved Salford Museum & Art Gallery, we saw the Salford's Lost Streets exhibition which was really moving and Leila loved Lark Hill Place.

    I get laughed at for loving Manchester (what with being a Southerner and all) but it really is my favourite city in the country.


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