Recent Empties

Is it just me who feels a bit silly hoarding empty tubs and sprays for these kind of posts?! Silly but satisfied...yeah, that's the one.

These are all products I've been using on a more or less daily basis, the staples...

 STEAM CREAM -A fabulously effective moisturiser which does my skin wonders. The pots come in loads of designs and are totally reusable once the product's used up. I think it says it all when Steam Cream smells of lavender (my least favourite scent) yet I'm planning on buying another pot - probably the 'Prudence' design.

 GOOD THINGS 'MIRACLE MATTIFIER MOISTURISER' - I couldn't praise this highly enough when I first bought it! However, after a couple of months I found it gradually becoming less and less effective for my skin, which is why I wont be repurchasing it. Well worth a shot if you're in the market for a mattifying moisturiser, though!

 COLLECTION 2000 PRODUCTS - Waterproof 'Fast Stroke' eyeliner is possibly the worst Collection 2000 product I've tried so far, it flakes off quickly and isn't in the least bit waterproof (the regular one is 100x better!) The twist up black pencil is pretty run of the mill, but fantastically soft and blendable, a definite repurcase coming on. 'Lasting Perfection' powder works the same for me as Rimmel's infamous 'Stay Matte'...only it's cheaper. I would repurchase, but I've just bought the loose Collection 2000 powder for a bit of a change.

 BOURJOIS VOLUME FAST AND PERFECT MASCARA - Yeah, yeah, you know I bought this because Pixiwoo's Sam loves it. The rotating brush is useless, a mega gimmick with no real benefit, however it does give an awesome amount of volume. I think this would be best for those with long lashes, as it doesn't really add much length at all. Repurchase? Naaah.

I did have some more to show you...but I binned them - sorrrrrry! They were in my Bolton house and it seemed daft to pack them up and take them back to Manchester over Christmas. Still, I move into a new house back in Bolton soon so I can hoard to my heart's content MUAHAHAHA!

Do you hoard empties? Share any daily products?

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  1. I have the same Steamcream tin, i love it! I don't reach for it as much as i should though, the scent does put me of sometimes.

    Zoe |

  2. I found that the same thing happened with the Good Things moisturiser to me x

  3. That steam cream looks really interesting, I'll need to look in to it. I am the same with keeping tubs etc, they always annoy me and I end up binning them before the post haha.

    Much Love:


  4. I hoard my empties too, it's so satisfying when I get round to photographing them and eventually get to throw them away! I really want to try the Steamcream. x

  5. I love 2000 collection. The powder has lasted me years x

  6. I love the design on the Steam Cream pot! I rarely finish any beauty products, it would probably take me a year to gather enough empty products to make a blogpost about it.

  7. Good for you hitting empties!

  8. I bought into the gimmick of that Bourjois Mascara - I liked it at first then realised it actually wasn't that great! :)
    LaceyLoves x

  9. Wow, I can't believe you've used up a powder - musthave taken some times!


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