A Few 'Every Day' EOTDs

Waking up at 7am most mornings to go to uni, my standard way to apply make-up is 'throw it on and hope for the best' because that early in the day - who can be bothered?! Not me, that's for sure. However, recently I realised that because of this approach I have a hell of a lot of unused/ barely touched neutral eye make-up. In a bid to change this, I shoved it all into a box and plonked it next to my make-up bag, as a reminder to get more use out of it.
These are just a few miscellaneous looks from over the last 6 months or so which never made it into a blog post for one reason or another  - a few every day type of looks.
Sleek 'Ultra Mattes V.2 - Darks' palette and Catrice (I think...) eyeliner. I wore this with a tonne of bronzer and deep red lipstick.

I'm not gonna lie - I can't remember which shades I used here exactly, but I know everything was from Little Mouse Ears 'Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die' collection. The duochrome brown-blue shade is 'How Much for the Ape?' - my personal favourite :)

 [[ Have you noticed how my 'brows have gotten gradually less fierce?! ]]

TFSI, Kryolan peachy orange (applies as a soft pink-peach), Sleek dark brown, Sleek cream, MUA honey gold shade from the 'Starry Night' palette, mascara, MUA waterproof eyeliner (this stuff is THE SHIZZ).

Recently, my ancient SD card died, which means I can't take any blog pics until I buy a new one. RIP, SD card - you lasted eight long years, but now the sellotape just isn't enough to keep you going :'(
Do you have a 'go to' daily make-up look? Or do you change something every time?
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  1. Lily!!!!

    I know exactly what you mean! Early get ups are the bane of ones life. Usually stick to top liner and mascara.

    Your eyebrows look gorgeous! xo

  2. All looks are pretty, I really like the first EOTD!

  3. love the eyebrows in the last pic x

  4. Love the last look with the touch of gold!

  5. Great everyday looks! The last one is my favorite. :)

  6. I really like that middle one! They are all beautiful though!

    I don't have a go-to look necessarily. There are certain combos that I am drawn towards colour-wise though.

  7. i love that you manage to make your eye make up look this good at 7am! I can barely do eye liner in my sleepy state.

    Love the designs on all of them, your eyes look beautiful!


  8. great looks!


  9. Haha your 'less fierce' eyebrows are still gorgeous! What pretty looks :)

    Lela - www.LelaLONDON.com

  10. I love your eyebrows! I want to steal them ^_^

    I pretty much apply my makeup the same way everytime but I try to always change the colors (even if obviously some are coming more often than others :D )



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