The Body Shop VIP Experience

After a hectic few months I'm feeling a little worse for wear, so when The Body Shop contacted me to invite me along to their Manchester Arndale Store with a promise of some pampering I was more than happy to go along!

[ Isn't Lily Cole adorable?! ]
I adore the look and feel of The Body Shop stores - fresh and Earthy, plus the lovely displays mean there's always something new to see. Store manager, Derek, greeted my sister and I and gave us a little Body Shop history before Nicole and Sophie whisked us off into the makeover chairs.

First up came the skin care consultation. Nicole recommended the seaweed range for my combination skin, which works to moisturise any dry patches of skin and mattify the oily areas - pretty clever, eh? I think it's always useful to have a consultation if possible before diving into a new skin care routine - it save the 'uhm-ing' and 'ah-ing' over which product to choose (and potentially a lot of money if you choose the wrong ones.)

[ Chloe's facechart ]

After the consultation, we moved on to my makeover. Nicole started by using the pinky mauve shade from the 'Warm' shimmer cube palette over my lid, followed by the dark brown on the outer corners. Since these eyeshadows have oil in them, their texture is smooth and creamy which makes them easy to apply, but means you'll definitely need a primer to make them last! 'Oil Balancing Foundation' was blended along my jawline, 'All in One Blush' on the cheeks (this stuff is PIGMENTED) and a dab of 'Love Gloss for Lips' for added shine. Unfortunately the products used on me weren't noted down, so I can't tell you exactly which shades were used!

 [ The shimmer cubes are Body Shop classics! ]

Oddly, whenever I think of The Body Shop, I never think of their make-up range - but it's actually quite expansive! Well worth a look when you next pop in for a new body butter...

[ Chloe and Sophie testing out the Hemp Hand Protector ]

Last of all, Chloe and I were treated to hand massages using the Hemp Hand Protector to battle dry, Winter skin. I was impressed with how thick and nourishing it felt, though it sunk into my skin with ease. Nicole told me how most people take a while to get used to the herbal scent, but they stick with it because the results are so good!

After our treatments were complete, we took a little look around at all the displays. Recently I've been slathering myself with the Peach body butter - which smells wonderfully real (don't you just hate synthetic fruit scents?)

The Body Shop are big on Christmas! The store was gift sets galore - with hampers and ribbon tied boxes on every stand. I think there's something for everyone in the Body Shop Range, perhaps a set of balms for teens, the Hemp gift tin for blokes and a trusty White Musk set for old school Body Shop fans?

 Despite all the fancy, more grown up things - these little animal soaps were hands down our favourite thing in the store! Why? Nostalgia, of course! When we were kids, we were given a set of Body Shop animal soaps on a family holiday and both thought they were awesome. The smell instantly took me back to being five years old - amazing!

Cruelty free, fair trade supporters, charity supporters, vegetarian - The Body Shop truly is a brand with a heart. If you're unfamiliar with them, be sure to pop in and take a look, you'd be surprised at what you'll discover...
I was invited by The Body Shop for complimentary treatments for PR purposes. All opinions 100% honest and 100% mine - as always!
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  1. I've just run out of hand cream so will have to check out the handcreams! I also kind of skip over the makeup in body shop but will maybe take a closer look next time i'm in xx

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  2. Sounds like you guys had a really lovely time! I'm always a fan of The Body Shop not just for the fab products, but for the always friendly customer service.. They're simply splendid! :)

  3. I feel the need to poke at the 'cruelty free' claim though - the brand might be, but they -are- owned by L'Oreal... Many cruelty-free shoppers boycott the shop for that reason. Its a real shame, I count myself in that group and now I'm really lacking in lip butters xD


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