REVIEW - Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights Dye in 'Raspberry Rebel'

Ever a lover of bright, fun hair, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Schwarzkopf's newest line of dyes - 'Ultra Brights'. As the name suggests, these dyes are the amped up, dyes in 'on trend' colours ('Raspberry Rebel', 'Pillar Box Red' and 'Firey Copper') which leave the usual boring brown and bland blondes looking pretty lacklustre...

 I chose shade 'Raspberry Rebel' to have a play with - a red toned, medium pink which leans towards the warmer side of the colour spectrum. Inside the box was the colour cream in one handy tube (yay, no mixing!), gloves, instructions and two sachets of conditioner.

 I slapped it over the ends of my hair (which were a faded purple shade), held my nose at the drain cleaner stench, waited for the dye to develop and rinsed it out thoroughly before applying the conditioner provided.  With most box dyes, I stick religiously to the developing time, but with Ultra Brights I waited an hour as opposed to the suggested 15 minutes. Why? Because this stuff is basically the same as Directions, Manic Panic and SFX dyes. I used about 1/3 of the tube to cover my tips, if you have thick hair you'd DEFINITELY need two or more tubes if you intended dying a full head!

As you can see, over my faded purple tips 'Raspberry Rebel' took became a warm, purple-pink shade. Over some areas it became orangey red, some hot pink...I'd suggest applying this one over blonde or gingery hair for a truer raspberry shade.

Ultra Brights are semi-permanent, claiming to last 28 washes. With most dyes like this after about 5 washes you'll be wanting to top your colour up, possibly sooner if you frequently heat style your hair.

Easy to apply, bright, shiny colour, a conditioner that actually works and easy to follow instructions for a range of colour effects. Overall - a very big step in the right direction for mainstream dyes!

RRP £5.49, available from Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets.

Product sent for review consideration - this post is 100% honest and 100% my opinions, as always!

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  1. Thanks for reviewing! I was eyeing this up in case my home bleaching goes terribly wrong and needs to be covered up with something punchy. It looks quite easy to use (nothing worse than those packs that consist of a thousand separate parts that have to be mixed in the exact right order!) and the colour really suits you!

  2. These caught my eye too, this one is such a gorgeous colour. It looks beautiful on your hair, I really like the way you've done it!
    Your hair looks so healthy too. :)


  3. I really like how the colour turned out over the faded purple. I've been toying with the idea of getting a Manic Panic colour so it's very useful to hear about other alternatives. I suspect the Ultra Brights will be easier to get hold of than Manic Panic or SFX.

  4. I bought a box of this but don't dare to use it as I used crazy colour and after like 50 washes it still hasn't washed out :(

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  5. Your hair is so gorgeous, I can't...! I've been following your blog for quite a while now and I absolutely love it, it's very different and your makeup is always gorgeous :)x

  6. I love using this type of dye to top up my box colours or add a bit of extra shine and it's nice to see it in chemists - it's a bit of a bugger getting them around my way.

  7. im using this dye tomorrow thank you for the review it gave me all the informathion i was looking for THANKS :DD


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