REVIEW - NYC Metallic Eyeliner Collection

NYC are one of those brands that remind me of being 14, browsing Superdrug's shelves with pocket money burning a hole in my pocket. I'll admit, however, that past that age I stopped paying much attention to NYC besides the occasional polish or lipstick - why? We seemed to grow apart. And NYC didn't seem to grow at all, clinging to a rather mid 90's teen look and feel which didn't do much to grab my attention. Until recently...

NYC have undergone a little overhaul - with new products and a more modern feel, I can see today teens (and the young at heart *cough* I'm twentyoneteen, damn it! *cough*) will start paying attention once more. NYC were kind enough to send me a selection of their brand new products, including their rather 'on trend' metallic eyeliners...

 LEOPARD PRINT - Deep, rich brown shot through with fine golden sparkle. A stunning shade which I think would look lovely on any skin tone. Two coats to maximum opacity, fast drying.

 SERPENTINE PURPLE - A medium, slightly grey toned purple. I expected this to be my favourite shade, however, it dries down to a rather dull finish and lacks the 'pizazz' of the other shades. 'Serpentine Purple' is also the wateriest in consistency and as for opacity...well, I think you'd need at least 5 coats, which would be hard since it also takes a while to dry. One to avoid!

 SILVER LIGHT - Gleaming, bright silver. An utterly gorgeous shade I love wearing just above my ordinary black catflick eyeliner. Three coats to maximum opacity, fast drying.

 LIQUID GOLD - An orange toned, bright gold. A real Cleopatra shade which would look amazing on any blue eyed girls and guys out there. Three coats to maximum opacity, fast drying.

 All in all, for £2.99 they're not half bad! My only qualms are that they are not opaque in one coat, 'Serpentine Purple' is awful and they flake just slightly. Other than that, it's all uphill - fast drying, brilliant shine, unusual colours, smudge proof, fade resistant and easy to apply. I'd definitely recommend trying 'Leopard Print' out of all four - it's such a beautiful shade!

Available priced at £2.99 each from Superdrug.
Products sent for review as part of the NYC Ambassador programme. All opinions 100% mine and 100% honest - as always!
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  1. These are gorgeous! I will definitely have to try these out. They seem perfect for parties and going out on the town. 

  2. These are fantastic for £2.99 leopard print is beautiful x

  3. Im the same with NYC not a massive fan. reminds me of makeup I used to play with before I discovered bigger better things.

  4. Thanks so much for this review! I've had my eye on these for a while but wasn't sure as I've had bad experiences with metallic liners in the past. But I'll give these a go! Thanks again :)

  5. I love that bronze one! Thanks for talking about these. I might have to go check them out.


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