MISSION MERMAID: Flamingos on Fire

Around last week, I faced the fact that it was time to book in for a hair cut. After trying to grow it out for almost a year, I'll admit that the idea of losing an inch scared me a bit! I went off and booked myself a trim... then unleashed the bleach (hey - I was getting it trimmed anyway, right?!)

First I slapped some diluted Directions 'Flame' onto it...but I'd diluted it way too much and the result was pretty dodgy! Not to be disheartened, I went ahead and mixed some 'Flame' with 'Flamingo Pink' and slapped that on, which gave a nice rusty orange shade. After that had faded a bit, I decided to top it up with Directions 'Coral Red' to make it an orange toned red.

 For some reason it photographs a bit darker than it actually is! The ends are a bright orange in some lights, which is pretty awesome. 

My hair feels SO MUCH BETTER after having all the split ends chopped off! I'll be laying off the heat styling (and obviously the bleach) again soon and babying it like I did at the very start of Mission Mermaid. Some of you have asked why I haven't done many Mission Mermaid updates and the simple fact is this: You can't make your hair grow faster if you hair, scalp and diet are already healthy - so I don't have much to report!
And now I'm off to catch the train back to Manchester for my birthday weekend :) And yes, Illamasqua 'Apocalips' will be staying firmly in place.
Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!
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  1. Yaaaaay so good to have you back! Love the hair & you suit Apocalips so well! xx

  2. Your hair always looks so good! I wish I was as adventurous as you! x

  3. not sure how I feel about blue lipstick, but then maybe I'm just not as brave as you. I love your hair though it looks amazzzing! x

  4. Your hair looks great!

    I'm amazed how Apocalips looks natural on you. I wish I could pull off teal lipstick!

  5. I love the color! The red shade is so gorgeous on you xx

  6. This is so cool! really suits you :) You pull off that lipstick so well too! Love seeing posts on coloured hair :) x


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