Ted Baker Sweet Treat Purse Perfumes!

A mysterious email, some delicious chocolate through the door (a clue, perhaps?!) and then a big jar of sweets? To say this campaign by KMI Brands has been intriguing would be an understatement! Finally came the big reveal to the new products they had gleefully been teasing us about...

Buried inside the sweets was one of the three brand spankin' new perfumes Ted Baker have released as part of a 'Purse Spray' collection. Each scent has been inspired by different women with different personalities and styles...


"Is that a burst of infectious laughter? Vida can't be far away.


The life and soul of of the party, Vida spreads joy wherever she goes and has a smile for everyone. Infused with exotic grapefruit and raspberry with a heart of wild rose, Vida's a wild child with a naughty streak a mile wide. If there's fun to be had, it's a safe bet she'll be close at hand.


Laced with a hint of plum and a dash of musk, it's impossible not to be in a good mood with Vida around. "

I really like the personalities behind these fragrances and the descriptions to accompany them! The collection also includes 'Cate' - powerful, elegant and confident as well as 'Polly' - grown up, girly and romantic. I also realised the chocolates HAD been a clue as the flavours all relate to notes found in these sprays, pretty clever, huh?

The sprays come in cardboard cake slices, which makes me think they'd be quite nice to wrap up as gifts. What? Surely I'm not the only one who sees cake, here?! I'm sticking with the sweet treats theme, ok?!

The cake slice slides open to reveal the perfume, with a huge, gleaming jewel  on the lid. Gorgeous! I'm also a fan of the bright orange bottle - perfect for a happy, exotic, lively kinda scent. The bottles hold 10ml of perfume, which makes them ideal for slipping into your bag on a night out, topping up at work or uni, travel...

'Vida' itself is sweet, fresh and zesty on first application, wearing down to a warm, light musk scent after a few hours of wear. The rose and musk notes are not at all strong, slightly obscured by the grapefruit. If you like bright, clean scents - this is certainly for you! Personally, I love it and I plan on completing the collection...

The full Ted Baker purse spray collection will be available from Monday, priced at £15 for 10ml of product. Pick yours up from Boots, selected Ted Baker stores and KMI.

Product provided for review purposes.  Opinions 100% my own and 100% honest - as always!

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  1. Oh gosh they're adorable! And they sent you all those sweeties? How nice! I'd be picking the jellybeans out, cos they're not gelatiney and plus, you know, they are delicious. Oh man now I want jellybeans. And this perfume. Which I am imagining smells like jellybeans. Mmm.

  2. No way!!! What a cute display for perfumes!!! It's like you want to get them just for the packaging!!! Your pics made me drool haha!!!! Great photos!! Let's spray some perfume!!,/Azure

  3. These are so cute! I'd get them if only for the packaging haha :)

  4. This is such a cute way to tease! I really love the packaging of this perfume :D

  5. oh so cute,i love the packaging of this perfume >.<

    i follow you,i hope you follow back me dear http://leeviahan.blogspot.com

  6. theyre sweet but i dont actually like them that much, they smell really heady like if i wore it it'll give me a stinking headache! plus for the price I'd have to love it!!


  7. Mmmm these look delicious! Going on my to-try list. x


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