Taking Almost A Month Out of Blogging (Not By Choice)

I was mega excited to move into an ACTUAL HOUSE with my uni friends this year, since Bolton's halls of residence are basically only one step up from an actual prison - but it's not all fun and games so far...
Why? Well, over the Summer, Virgin Media took it upon themselves to rip out the cable supplying our house with an Internet connection. Then, the council covered the area giving them access to replace it with a new pavement. Super! So, after waiting an entire week for Virgin to come and tell us the problem after it taking them just one day to install the actual box, we now have to wait until OCTOBER THE 9TH for them to fit a new cable.
Fair play, it aint that easy to tear up part of a pavement - but October...really?! That'll make it almost a full month that Virgin have made it impossible for me to blog. I can't exactly come to the pub every day to use their wifi!
Sort it out, Virgin, your customers are far from impressed.
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  1. I think my brother had issues at his uni house because of Virgin last year, they're awful x

  2. Omg that's a shame!!! It happened the same to me, with another company here in Italy.
    So...good luck and we'll wait fir you, don't worry!!!

  3. oh damn! that must be terrible!! I would be so annoyed!!! I hope they fix it soon and give you something to compensate for how rubbish theyre being!!


  4. Aww, that really stinks! I hope it all gets sorted out sooner than expected!


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