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It amazes me how many bloggers manage an empties post every single month without fail! I'm not one of those who try to finish things in order to buy something else, so it takes me much longer to amass anything post worthy. Maybe I should try to, though...I have so many unloved products!

 There's something kinda satisfying about a pile of used up products, isn't there?!

COLLECTION 2000 PRESSED POWDER: Your run of the mill, budget friendly face powder. It's very similar to Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder, just cheaper! Repurchase? Already have.

SHU UEMURA MATTE PEACH BLUSH: I was in two minds about this blush, on the one hand - it's definitely NOT worth the amount you pay for it since it's so poorly pigmented and doesn't feel at all luxe. On the other, it's entirely fool proof and a gorgeous colour. Repurchase? Nope! I can find cheaper, nice alternatives.

MUA SHADE 19 MATTE EYESHADOW: I've used this shade religiously as my 'brow filler ever since MUA first launched in Superdrug. It's perfect for those of us with dark hair, plus it's only £1! Repurchase? I already have!

COLLECTION 2000 'LASTING PERFECTION CONCEALER': A great concealer with medium, buildable coverage. I've used both light and medium shades, which look near enough identical once oxidised (though medium is a wee bit pinker). Repurchase? I'm on my third tube, so there will probably be a fourth...

LUSH 'DARK ANGELS' CLEANSER: I love this stuff! It's hard to find really gritty, rough exfoliators and the 'gentle' kinds do absolutely nothing for me. 'Dark Angels' is ideal for my oily skin and leaves it squeaky clean. Repurchase? I'm planning on buying my third tub soon.

FIGS AND ROUGE BALM: I really liked this until I left it in the Sun...bad idea! It turned gritty and disgusting, the top layer went semi-solid and I could pick it off like skin on rice pudding - grim! So, while it's not technically finished, my ability to use it definitely is. Repurchase? No, I'd only end up leaving it in the Sun again.

No.7 'BEAUTIFULLY MATTE FOUNDATION': Oooh No.7, you give me my only 'from the bottle' match with shade 'New Ivory'...then change all your foundation shades. However, I am looking forward to trying their new skin matching system and hope another shade matches me! Otherwise I'm heading to Bobbi Brown. Repurchase? Entirely depends on whether any of the new shades match me from the bottle!

TRESEMME LONG LASTING HOLD HAIR SPRAY: I bought this aged about 17 and it's only just run out! That's almost four years - impressive or what?! It also does a pretty darn good job of keeping your hair in place for a full day. Repurchase? No, I find the lids on Tresemme hair sprays tend to be faulty, resulting in sticky hands and bottles. Yick!

SOAP AND GLORY 'GLAM-A-LOT' SPRAY: Possibly my favourite scent ever! I wear this practically every day and this bottle has lasted me almost an entire year. Repurchase? Definitely.

UMBERTO GIANNINI 'INDULGENT BEAUTY MOISTURE MASK': While this hair mask did the job, I wouldn't call it particularly indulgent. It left my hair feeling like any regular conditioner would. I think those with normal hair would enjoy it, but if you have truly dry hair - look elsewhere. Repurchase? No.

Do you use anything I've mentioned here? Can you suggest a decent high street hair mask for mega dry, frizzy hair?
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  1. My Figs & Rouge balm dried out after around 9 months and went really grim, so I'm not in a hurry to repurchase! Really need to repurchase that S&G body spray though x

  2. I love the collection 2000 concealer; although when it oxidises it looks really stupid on me! I'll have to have a look at the MUA eyeshadow; though, forever looking for brow fillers! x

  3. What about the lee stafford growth range? aching to try it!

  4. oh and i didnt rate the figs and rouge balm either!

  5. Shame about that Shu Uemura blush! For some reason I just don't trust that new No7 skin matcher machine, I think a well trained persons eye is more trustworthy. You should definitely do a post on how you get on with it when you do go, and whether you think it's accurate xxx

  6. My Figs&Rouge balm suffered a similar fate on holiday! xx

  7. I'm jealous of the UK budget makeup brands with good skin products; sometimes it's tough finding US-available brands with decent concealers that 1) match and 2) don't have shimmer. I'm trying to hide my acne, not make it sparkle!

    RE: dry hair: have you tried the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle conditioner? It actually has a kind of stupid full name (Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeeep Conditioner) but I love the stuff AND it smells wonderful and fruity.

  8. I have that Tresemme hairspray and mine's lasted for ages too. I don't usually finish any products in a month but lately everything's been running out all at once! x

  9. @ Jenny, eugh! It's a shame they go dodgy so easily because the tins are lovely. I wish they'd make the S&G an actual perfume like they did with the other scent!

    @ Sofia, they oxidise to more or less the same shade - it's bizarre! Shade 19 is an awesome eyebrows shade, I highly recommend it!

    @ Charli, I've used it before and it's lovely and conditioning but I wouldn't say it helps hair growth, really. I'll probably buy it again at some stage, though :)

    @ Emily, I'm not 100% convinced yet either but we'll see! I'll definitely post about it when I do go, I'm really excited to try it!

    @ Sian, oh dear :/ I hate when things go funky in the heat.

    @ thecandiedmango, haha, I think the UK releases less novelty type products than the US and everything really has to PAY for its display space. I've tried the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle before but it didn't really have any effect :/ It does smell good though!

    @ Lily, it's as if it's never ending! I was genuinely shocked when the last little bit squirted out. Haha, I'm the same, everything always runs out at once!

  10. I love these kind of posts. It's nice to see what others use on a regular basis.

  11. I've been looking for a brow filler, I may have to purchase the MUA eyeshadow, I've not though of doing that! I like gritty exfoliators too, the softer ones are rubbish! x
    Sirens and Bells

  12. Quite a lot of empties! Now we're lacking money, I'm trying to wade through the stuff I have hiding about to avoid buying new stuffs, especially on essentials, shampoo, body wash etc and finding myself getting through more than I'd imagine but I used to use a different thing every time! I love soap and glorys mist me spray whichever it is, the pink one? I'm about 1/5th through mine and I've had it since xmas though recently started using it religiously. I have a mini white one, the moisturising one which is pretty handy.

    Lizzums x

  13. I can never finish as many products as others I don't know how they do it haha! :)
    & I love MUA's eyeshadow too, they're so good for the price! xx

  14. @ Kimberley, I love reading them too! They're even fun to write...

    @ Katy, yeah for £1 you can't go far wrong! I'm always disappointed if I buy an exfoliator and it's not hardcore.

    @ Lizzums, that's one of the very, very few benefits of having no money - getting through stuff you do have (I guess extra room is a bright side?!) Oooh I know which you mean, I've got the white body oil spray thing too.

    @ Jodie, me either! I love shade 19 and 12 (I think - the purple) they're ace :)

  15. Extra room is much needed... the only reason you can tell a boy lives here are the dirty smelly clothes and the kitchen turning a mess about an hour after I clean it... everywhere has my products *gulp*

  16. Tresemme do an intensive keratin treatment. Its amazing. My mum is mixed race so I have mad, coarse, dry, curly hair. My hairdresser said he was shocked as it was like totally new hair. I think it was about a fiver? Plus point for me is you don't need a lot. My hair is so thick I need a third of A big lush tub of conditioner everytime I wash my barnet!


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