Alernative Use for Lip Balm Tins

Come on and 'fess up, you too buy things just because they look cute - don't you? I know you do. There's no point denying it. I think that's the main reason I bought a Figs and Rouge lip balm! It was actually pretty decent, but as I mentioned in my empties post, it died an untimely death. Pained to throw the tin in the recycling, I decided to re-use it instead...

 I cleaned it out (which was DISGUSTING), scrubbed it, dried it and stuffed my new nose studs inside. I don't really have a jewellery box for cheap, trinkety things or body jewellery so it's handy to be able to put my studs somewhere safe.

I also figured it would be handy for when I travel home from uni, since I usually fling earrings in the bottom of my make-up bag and *hope* they don't break...Now they actually have some place safe to travel in.

I also thought of filling it with coconut oil (as an on the go cuticle oil), melting another lip balm or lipstick into it, mixing up a solid scent, somewhere to store a mini eyelash glue tube on a night out, making a candle, popping mints or gum inside it...

I'm sure if you get thinking, you can come up with a few ways to justify hoarding keeping pretty little tins, too :)

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  1. This is such a good idea - I've never really thought of that with pretty lip balm tins! Now, to go and purchase some just so I can reuse the tins...

  2. actually wanted to buy this particluar balm just because of the pacakging.
    Luckily it's too expensive enough here for me to act against impulsion. :)

  3. Great idea. Those nose studs are so cute! Makes me want to get my nose re-pierced :)

  4. Oooh some really good ideas there! I've got two figs and rouge, but one of them I don't actually like that much (it's the geranium one, I don't know, I'm just not that keen on the scent). So now I'm thinking maybe I should clear it out and use it for one of these ideas!

  5. just read your empties post, I had one of their lipbalms but it did the same thing, despite being in a dark and dry 'environment' ha, made me feel really sick, I tried using it again (don't know why) and it was so icky and clumpy on my lips, wouldn't ever repurchase x

  6. I'm definitely not throwing away my Figs and Rouge tin when it runs out/dies. I sometimes used old tins to melt down broken lipsticks so that I can still use them. x


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