REVIEW: GHD Style and Protect Set

If you're anything like me, GHD are a bit of a nostalgic brand. They remind me of watching my sister straighten her long, thick hair while listening to Funeral For A Friend (the 'Casually Dressed...' days, naturally) and reading out bits of interviews from Kerrang magazine to her. Fast forward roughly eight years and GHD are still working their magic on unruly hair and making it even easier with specially created sets...
The 'Style and Protect' set includes the basics for creating and finishing many hair styles, all packaged in a sturdy black presentation box.
The wide paddle brush is ideal for detangling hair, use with a hair dryer and nozzle for straightening or ordinary straighteners to keep sections smooth as you work. The non-slip finish and slight weightiness makes this a doddle to use.

GHD 'Straight and Smooth Spray' is designed to help to smooth hair while protecting it from heat. The spray in this set is for normal to fine hair, so I didn't have much luck with my thick hair! I'd certainly say it would be better if you could choose between the normal/ fine spray and the thick/ coarse spray for the set since I had to use quite a bit of this - making my hair look a bit lank.

To finish off your style, a little GHD 'Final Shine Spray' goes a long way! I'm a big lover of blasting some shine spray through the ends of my hair to perk it up and make it look healthier.

Overall, I'd say the GHD 'Style and Protect' contains great products that could easily make it into your every day styling routine while taking the fuss out of searching everything down individually. At £39 from the GHD site, it's pretty reasonable, too...

Do you have nostalgic memories of GHD? Own any of these products?

Product provided for review purposes. All opinions 100% honest and 100% my own - as always!

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  1. The shine spray and brush look good, I've not tried many of their products so might give these a go :)

  2. 40 quid for two sprays and hairbrush is bloody expensive! I do love the ol' GHDs though, and they are pretty nostalgic! At uni my friend had a pair and there were 4 of queing up to use them every night!

  3. @ Replica, the shine spray is lovely :) I always forget how much I like them until one falls into my hands again!

    @ Robyn, I don't think it's bad for a 'big' hair brand to be honest. I understand what you mean though, but I think that's just because I'm used to buying on a student budget.

  4. Ahh love! I've got a review of the hair brush in the works at the mo. I love it. :D I've never gotten to use anything by GHD before either though.. to expensive for me, more so now but their products are beautiful!

    Lizzums x


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