REVIEW: Detrivore Cosmetics

'Detrivore Cosmetics' are the only cosmetics company I know of run by an actual zombie. After the owner, Distorria, met a sticky end involving a chainsaw, her undead self decided it was time to move on with her life...death...whatever, and start her own business. Hey, who said a girl has to have a heartbeat to look good?!

'Detrivore Cosmetics' are one of the very few indie cosmetics companies to create and stock a wide range of matte eyeshadows, so I gladly flung some in my basket and placed an order.  Almost an entire month later, my order arrived. Yes, a month is pretty excessive but the turnaround time is clearly stated on the home page and when you factor in shipping time - I guess you can't ask for much more.

Each product comes shrink wrapped - with the ingredients list stuck over the plastic wrap. Is it just me, or does that seem pointless? Once the wrap is gone, so is the ingredients list. Although, ingredients don't have to be listed on samples at all, so at least Detrivore give you the chance to have a quick look before binning them. Detrivore state under each product whether it is/ isn't vegan.

 Each product is labelled with its name, product type, product number and...a lobster (or beetle.) Personally, I'd lose the lobster (though I do like it) and cram in the ingredients list. I think product names such as 'Asylum' and 'Arachnid' make an interesting change to the usual 'Butterly Blue' and 'Soft Petal' - don't you?

 ARACHNID: Princess pink loaded with silvery shimmer. I ordered this because it's the very definition of a shade I wouldn't usually order. It's girly, pretty and I think it will look crackin' with purples.
 ASYLUM: A far more 'me' colour! Medium-deep, matte teal blue. 'Asylum' would make an awesome liner mixed with a little Illamsaqua sealing gel.
 BOG BODY: A bold, matte minty green. 'Bog Body' would make a great inner lid shade for green or blue looks. Lovely!
 BONE: Everyone needs a basic, matte white - it's a staple product for many. The flaw with many matte whites is chalkiness, I'm glad to report that 'Bone' is super smooth.

 BSoD: This is what I imagine Sugarpill 'Royal Sugar' would look like minus the sparkle - rich, royal blue. This would look awesome on brown or amber eyes.

 COWARD - A medium, matte, sunshine yellow with slight orange tones.

 LIVOR MORTIS: Seriously stunning dark base with a heap of pink shimmer, giving 'Livor Mortis' a deceptive dark plum look. I've worn this as 'liner the past few days and I can see why it's one of Detrivore's best sellers!
TOMMYKNOCKER: Medium, dirty jungle green. I can't wait to pair this with Darling Girl 'Die, Die My Darling' - should be a killer combo.

POISON BLUSH: A *slightly* peachy, bright pink blush. Don't let the starkness of this shade fool you, it can be buffed to give quite a natural looking flush.
 SPOILED BLUSH: Bright pink with a bit of a purpley tone, I think a touch of 'Spoiled' this would look amazing on dark skin.

If you buy indie cosmetics fairly regularly, you might have noticed that a lot of companies struggle to make a decent matte. Mattes which actually adhere to bases and primers, mattes that don't vanish as soon as you start to blend it, mattes which are pigmented and...well...useable. Detrivore have mattes down. Next time I think I'll order a few more shimmery shades...yeah, I said next time.

Sample bags - $1
5g Jars - $4
Current sale - 10 x 5g jars for $20 (bargaaaaain!)

Have you tried Detrivore yet? What are your favourite shades? Got your eye on any?
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  1. I really love this colors!!

  2. These look great and I love the whole branding in general, the names of the colours are so fun! Very reasonable too! :o

  3. =o 10 for $20! Must resist....must resist.... I need those mattes!

  4. Livor Mortis, asylum and Tommyknocker have to be my total favourites. What gorgeous shades. I love these colours and the mattness of them!
    I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for these, I especially love the fact that the company is run by a zombie, there really should be more zombies in business!


  5. Pretty colors! I agree about the ingredient list though, they should improve that.

  6. wauw, the color pigmentation is awesome and loving the colors

  7. Oh, I've been looking for a good matte white - you may have just solved my problem :)



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