Latest Fyrinnae Buys and Swatches!

I received this order months ago, took the jar pics...then forgot to do any more. Silly me! Anyhoo, I'd decided to pick up a few shades I'd been meaning to try for ages and a couple of the newer shades, too. Here's what I bought!

Everything came well before the stated turnaround time, well packaged and nicely presented as always.

CALAVERA CUPCAKES: Silver with pink sparkles. I'd call this a fairly muted silver, though that might just be down to the pink sparkles giving it a slight lilac hue. I like my silvers more...blinding, so this aint really my cup of tea.

CUDDLEFISH: When I was trying to figure out what to buy, Wendi of Makeup Zombie insisted I had to have this. Had to. There was no choice. I'm glad because it's stunning! A true, bright purple with sparkles.

FAERIE GLAMOUR: Purple with strong aqua shimmer, super pretty. Apparently this takes on a pink hue in different lights, but I can't vouch for that myself.

MADAME AND EVE'S: Now this is an awesome shade. To me it looks like teal and green on a dirty, dark brown base. In some lights it looks dark plum, either way, it's pretty epic.

PYROMANTIC EROTICA: Bright, medium orange with green highlights. The green looks quite golden, so it's actually less unique than it sounds on paper. It's still a lovely shade, though!

RAPUNZEL HAD EXENSIONS: Pinky peach with a strong golden highlight - this is actually my second jar! I didn't use up my first jar, spill it or lose it, I just think my sister was also a fan of this gorgeous shade.

 SUPERSTAR: Hot pink with strong blue highlight, a fun, bright colour. This was my free sample shade.
 VELVET VAMPIRE: A soft crimson which shifts to a more firey, dark red with a heap of golden sparkle. This would look great on those of you with green eyes!

The stand out shades for me in this bunch are 'Madam and Eve's', 'Cuddlefish', 'Rapunzel Had Extensions' and 'Velvet Vampire'. Which stand out to you?

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  1. Oooh these are so pretty! I love Rapunzel Had Extensions! xx

  2. I just got Superstar and I love it! Madam and Eve is one of my favourite liner shades.

  3. I love Cuddlefish and Velvet Vampire!

  4. I have a couple of these - Rapunzel Had Extensions is a bit of a favourite! Although I have to agree that I was ever so slightly disappointed with Faerie Glamour at the lack of pink duochrome!

  5. I have all of these! My favorites are Velvet Vampire (SoooooOOoOoo beautiful!), Rapunzel Had Extensions (a must have for anyone interested in Fyrinnae), and Madame & Eve's.

  6. i love velvet vampire! next time you should try "Hypercool" it is amazing :)

  7. Great swatches! Love the Velvet Vampire. :D

  8. I think I might need cuddlefish and calavera cupcakes after seeing these. I just tried Rapunzel Had Extensions for the first time last week. I am pleasantly surprised. I didn't think I would like it, thinking it was over hyped, but not it is pretty amazing. I used it with Te Amo and a dupe of BE Queen Phyllis. Looked sick! <3

  9. Beautiful swatches. I was so indecisive about Rapunzel but it's one of them colors; the more I see it, the more I want it.

    The rest I have, apart from Superstar, Calavera Cupcake and Faerie Glamour. Which I'm not overly excited about.

  10. Cuddlefish, RPE, Faerie Glamour <3 Love the colors.

  11. I like the names of these!

    Rapunzel had extensions is a beaut!!! Could do with this xx

  12. Wow Madame & Eve looks incredible! In fact, they all do, gorgeous swatches! x

  13. bwhahaah the names. 'rapunzel had extensions' is my favourite, for the shade of course but for the name too. brilliant. love it
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  14. Superstar would look neat as a lipcolor. I haven't tried using pigments or loose shadows as lipcolors yet but I plan on experimenting!


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