Henna Bird

Henna is one of those things I've always wanted to try, but always thought it would be ridiculously tricky and time consuming. A few weeks back, I did a little research and finally bought some henna to try myself!

 This was my third attempt, a patterned swallow/ bird of some variety. My first design was over my hand and down half of my arm, but being a bit of a moron, I didn't think to photograph it before it was half faded!

 You can buy henna pre-mixed in cones, but you can never really be sure how old it is and therefore how much of a stain it will leave on the skin. It's easy enough to mix up yourself, just sling in some lemon juice and tea tree oil and let it stand for 12 hours. Done!
Once you've applied your henna and allowed it to dry, you can pop on some PVA glue to seal it in. I dabbed some glitter on, too just because I like the look of it. Then you leave it on over night, wrapped in cling film then peel it all off.

The henna stain will deepen a little over time (mine will probably end up a medium brown) and fade after about three weeks.

I've still got some paste made up, sitting in the fridge, so no doubt you'll see some more henna fairly soon!

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  1. Oh wow your drawing is so amazing, and that too with henna. Love it! ♥

  2. This is amazing! I could only dream of being that creative haha. I love henna, want to be my personal henna tattooist? :-)

  3. That's so prettyy


  4. It looks so so pretty! I used to do henna every summer back when I was at school, I'm always debating whether to order some online.



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