FOTD - Die My Darling

Die, die, die my darling,
Don't utter a single word,

 Die, die, die my darling,
Just shut your pretty eyes.
EYES - TFSI, Mad Minerals 'Camisole', Darling Girl 'Die, Die My Darling', Detrivore 'Tommyknocker', Sleek dark green and black, Madd Style 'Plan 9', Illamaquia sealing gel, Collection 2000 pencil eyeliner, Darling Girl 'Obviously A Wig', mascara.

FACE - No.7 'Beautifully Matte', Collection 2000 concealer, Collection 2000 powder, The Balm 'Frat Boy'

LIPS - Nothing.

So, I finally got to use Darling Girl 'Die, Die My Darling' from the 'Darling Grrl' collection. Now I have various Misfits songs floating around my head, which is always a good thing.
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  1. GORRRGE. I'm not big into greens on me but I love them on you.

  2. Loving this look! :) so pretty :) xx

  3. nice look :D i like the purple

  4. This is such a good look, it really suits you. You're able to pull off such daring make-up looks, you're lucky :) xx
    Sirens and Bells

  5. Die , Die My Darling is one of my fav's from this collection .
    It looks awesome on your eyes !

  6. Really gorgeous on you, green definately suits your complexion you look fab xx

  7. Your hair -- I am loving it!!!!!!!

  8. Stunning Look Ax

  9. @ Leanne, I don't usually like greens on myself but I'm trying to do more things I usually avoid!

    @ Jodie, thank you :)

    @ Elisa, thanks! The purple shade is a hot pink over black.

    @ Katy, I bet you could! Pulling make-up looks off only takes confidence!

    @ Luna, same! Thanks :)

    @ nnicoletta, thanks!

    @ Desert Rose, thanks!

    @ Crissy, I think it's one of my faves.

    @ Mandy, ta! This is how it dries naturally.

    @ Angela, thanks!


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